Auld Lang Green!

Happy New Year! It’s time to think about your resolutions for 2014. Consider making one that will result in a cleaner environment, a more stable climate … and a happier you. Here are a few ideas:

  • Pledge to save energy. Take these actions to save money and energy, and leave the environment healthier for everyone in the New Year.
  • Keep your gatherings food-waste free. Americans throw away 34 million tons of food every year. To reduce your waste, take what you know you’ll eat and make leftovers with any remaining food. Learn more.
  • Compost it. Composting can be done in a pile in the yard, an outdoor bin, or even in a vermicompost (worm) bin indoors. You can build your own or purchase one online. Composting can help reduce the 1.3 billion tons of food that goes to waste globally and help reduce methane, a highly potent greenhouse gas.
  • Recycle your e-waste. Whether you love or hate your devices improper disposal of electronics creates a significant impact on the environment. Just last year the U.S. created 10.4 million tons of e-waste! So choose to recycle last year’s electronics to prevent e-waste.
  • Change how you get around.  Switch up your daily transportation routine to reduce your carbon footprint. Walk, bike or carpool whenever possible and increase your use of public transportation. It’s a great way to avoid stressful traffic … and you can work or enjoy a good book along the way! If you need to drive, be sure to consider the fuel economy your next car.  Learn more about your options.
  • Embrace energy efficiency. There are countless things we can do to make our homes more energy efficient. These include using CFL or LED lighting, programming thermostats to save on heat and air conditioning, replacing and cleaning air filters, and insulating the attic to avoid air leaks. Commit to doing something different every month.
  • Help green your office. In addition to making a difference in your community, explore how you can lead an effort to make your workplace more environmentally friendly. Learn how here.

The New Year is full of new possibilities for you, your family and your community. This year, step up your energy, money and environmental savings.