Super Bowl XLVII: Playing Offense on Clean Energy

An estimated 111 million people across the United States watched at least part of last year’s Super Bowl between the New York Giants and the New England Patriots. It was the most-watched event in U.S. TV history.

For those of us seeking to engage the public in the work of building a clean-energy future, sporting events offer a unique opportunity to reach the public. This year, for example, C2ES has teamed up with Entergy Corporation and the New Orleans Super Bowl XLVII Host Committee to launch a fun, environment-themed website and contest for NFL fans.

The aim of the Geaux Green site is to get visitors to commit to simple steps to save energy and reduce carbon emissions, all while earning a chance to go to the big game in New Orleans on February 3.

After picking their favorite NFL team, fans playing the “Geaux Green” game choose from a list of actions they can take to reduce their energy use and environmental impact over the coming year. Options include: turning down the thermostat at night, reducing daily shower times, and using power strips and turning them off when electronics are not in use. Once fans choose an action they will take, the Geaux Green game page shows them how much it will reduce their “carbon footprint.” The website adds up the impact of each fan’s pledged actions and will track CO2 reduction numbers by NFL team. C2ES will announce a winning team at the end of the competition.

To promote fan participation, participants in the Geaux Green game will be entered in a January 11th drawing to win a Super Bowl XLVII Prize Pack, including two tickets to the game, roundtrip airfare and two nights of accommodation. Adding to the impact of the game, Entergy has agreed to match the pledged carbon reductions of all Geaux Green players.

The Geaux Green game helps Americans see the connection between their individual actions and our nation’s ability to reduce energy use and build a more sustainable future. In addition, by demonstrating the combined energy-saving impact of all of the Geaux Green game’s players (as measured by reduced carbon-dioxide emissions), the game provides a timely wake-up call for the nation’s political leaders that we need policy to support a clean-energy future.

The energy-saving pledges of participants in just the first two weeks have delivered almost 3.5 million pounds of CO2 reductions. And this is just the start. As Super Bowl fever builds across the country in the coming weeks, we hope the site will attract hundreds of additional participants who want to learn more about what they can do to save energy … and, just maybe, win a trip to New Orleans!

The New Orleans Host Committee is working hard to make this year’s Super Bowl the ‘greenest’ sporting event in history.  Join us in the effort because individually we can make a difference, but together we can make an impact.