Join Us 3/20 at 1 pm ET for a Live Chat: Plugging Electric Vehicles into the U.S. Grid

While Americans bought nearly 18,000 PEVs last year, 2012 is the first full year when plug-in electric vehicles will be available nationwide. The long-term success of PEVs could bring some very real benefits to energy security, air quality, climate change, and economic growth.

Last Tuesday, C2ES launched the Plug-in Electric Vehicle Action Plan to help accelerate PEV deployment and bring these benefits to fruition. While the market will ultimately determine PEV success, several barriers and challenges remain to be addressed in order to enable PEVs in this important initial phase. How can utilities capitalize on PEV charging and ensure grid reliability? In what ways can consumers be educated about these vehicles? What’s the right amount of charging infrastructure, and how can public and private investments in charging be optimized?

C2ES’s PEV Dialogue Group will help find answers to these question by acting as the connective tissue between PEV stakeholders from around the country, with representation from governments at all levels, auto manufacturers, trade groups, utilities, regulators, and nonprofits. This diverse set of stakeholders behind the Action Plan is ready to clear up any confusion around PEVs.

As C2ES and the PEV Dialogue Group moves forward with the implementation of its Action Plan, we invite you to join C2ES transportation experts Nick Nigro and Charles Zhu for a live chat about the Action Plan, the state of PEVs, and next steps forward on Tuesday, March 20, at 1 pm ET. Questions are welcomed.