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My mission at C2ES: Building common ground
Blog Post
We could find common ground on a carbon tax
Common Metrics: Comparing Countries’ Climate Pledges

To enable a better understanding of the mitigation pledges offered under the Copenhagen Accord and the Cancún Agreements, this analysis converts the 2020 pledges of the major economies into four common metrics: percent change in greenhouse gas emissions from 1990; …

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Testimony of Elliot Diringer – Canadian House of Commons – May 31, 2005
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Creating Markets for the Use of Captured Carbon 
Public Benefit Funds

Public Benefit Funds (PBF), also frequently referred to as system benefits charge, are state-level programs developed through the electric industry restructuring process. PBFs allocate most of their money to energy efficiency, renewable energy, and low-income assistance programs.  PBF-supported programs include …

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Testimony of Jeffrey Bobeck before the U.S. House Subcommittee on Energy
Pathways to 2050: Scenarios for Decarbonizing the U.S. Economy

Climate change is among the most profound challenges of all time, confronting individuals, businesses, and governments across the globe. Meeting this challenge requires a sweeping, sustained effort over the coming decades. To successfully orient the global economy toward the goal …

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What is Climate Resilience, and Why Does it Matter?

The scientific evidence is overwhelming: The climate is changing, and human activity is the primary factor in the acceleration of climate change over the past century. Regardless of how successful humans are at limiting the root causes of our warming …

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