Cancún Climate Conference - COP 16

UN Climage Change Conference
COP 16 & CMP 6

Cancún, Mexico
November 29-December 10, 2010

Key Resources:

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New Publications

  • The Evolution of Multilateral Regimes: Implications for Climate Change
    This report examines why and how most international regimes evolve gradually, rather than through dramatic step-changes.  It outlines evolutionary pathways within and outside the UNFCCC that can promote stronger near-term action while building a sturdier foundation for a future binding climate agreement. Read more

  • Strengthening International Climate Finance: Key steps include: establishing a new multilateral climate fund with an independent board under the guidance of the UNFCCC Conference of the Parties (COP); a new UNFCCC finance body to advise the COP and promote coordination among funding institutions; a registry mechanism to link finance to mitigation actions; and stronger procedures for reporting and verifying flows. Read more
  • Strengthening MRV: This brief describes and evaluates existing requirements under the UNFCCC and the Kyoto Protocol, and outlines recommendations for building on these mechanisms to establish a more robust MRV system. Read more
  • MRV: A Survey of Reporting and Review in Multilateral Regimes: To move the climate MRV system closer to the norms set by other multilateral regimes, the next stage in its evolution should entail significantly strengthening the existing system of reporting and expert review, and establishing an additional layer of peer review. Read more
  • Cancun Article: Steps to Meaningful Action, by Eileen Claussen
  • The Challenge to Change: COP16 Survey on Climate and Communications: A survey released by the government of Mexico and the Center reveals COP16 attendees’ attitudes on key issues when it comes to climate change, including the biggest barriers to action, the most trusted and effective sources for information on the issue, and the need for activating the general public.

Cancún Side Event Towards a Binding Climate Agreement
Monday, December 6 from 8:15 – 9:45pm
Cancunmesse, Room MONARCA

Presentations and discussion of our new report exploring the evolution of multilateral regimes and implications for the future of the climate change regime. Read more

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