In the absence of stronger federal leadership, many states are enacting their own climate goals and policies. They serve as laboratories, demonstrating what's effective and informing national policy.

Blog Post
2018 Will Belong to ‘The Climate Doers’
Status Update on RGGI and Lessons Learned on Cap and Trade
Pricing Externalities in Wholesale Power Markets
State Climate Policy Maps
Financing Resilience
State Action on Resilience
Framework for Engaging Small- and Medium-sized Businesses in Maryland on Climate Resilience

Many small businesses are not aware of the risks they face from changing climate conditions, and may not have plans in place to respond and recover from weather events. This issue is especially important in Maryland, where small businesses—defined as …

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Market-Based State Policy
California Cap and Trade
Renewable and Alternate Energy Portfolio Standards

Twenty-nine states and the District of Columbia require electric utilities to deliver a certain amount of electricity from renewable or alternative energy sources. Most of these requirements take the form of a “renewable portfolio standard” (RPS) adopted by 26 states …

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