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Achieving a true low-carbon transition requires an array of innovative technologies, including renewable energy, alternative vehicles, advanced nuclear power, and carbon capture, use and storage.

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Zero-Carbon Power: Maintaining U.S. Nuclear Capacity
C2ES Comments on Grid Resilience

C2ES comments on the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission’s evaluation of the resilience of the bulk power system in regions operated by regional transmission organizations and independent system operators.

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A New Zero Emission Coalition?
Green School Buses, Healthy Kids: The Road to Electrification
Opportunities for American Leadership

This article first appeared in the Women’s Council on Energy & the Environment journal, The Current, 2017 Q2 edition. Read the original post here. Leaders of both parties agree that we need to invest in American infrastructure, in part to …

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Storing CO2 Emissions: Untapped Potential for Carbon Utilization

The following was published Dec. 4, 2017 in R&D Magazine. Read the original post here. Looking toward the second half of this century, innovative ways to achieve net zero carbon emissions will be needed to stave off the worst impacts …

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Electric Energy Storage
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Toyota Joins Business Shift Toward Electrification and a Low-Carbon Economy
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Sharing the benefits of electrified transportation with diverse communities
Electrified Transportation for All: How Electrified Transportation Can Benefit Low-Income Communities

Transportation is responsible for most air pollution in urban areas and produces the most greenhouse gases of any U.S. economic sector. To reduce these emissions, cities and businesses are considering deploying electric vehicles, which produce no tailpipe emissions that would …

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