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Accelerating the EV Market: Medium and Heavy Duty Trucks
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EVs are for women, too: a missing demographic
Mayors Leading the Way on Climate – 2020

As part of the Alliance’s ongoing work plan to promote sustainability and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, mayors across the country were asked about their city’s efforts in the areas of low-carbon transportation, energy efficiency in new and existing buildings, and …

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American Mayors and Businesses: Building Partnerships for a Low-Carbon Future – Volume III

Cities across the country are increasingly interested in partnerships to advance energy efficiency, renewable energy sources, and low-carbon mobility. Collaborative partnerships between cities and utilities serve as opportunities to advance these goals and can lay the foundation for clean energy …

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The Role of Clean Energy Banks in Increasing Private Investment in Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure

This paper explores how Clean Energy Banks, or other similar organizations aimed at leveraging public funds to attract private investment in clean energy deployment, could help reduce the barriers to EV charging infrastructure by (1) supporting the development of viable business models for charging services …

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