3.4    Act as go-to source of PEV knowledge in the state; create an innovative PEV website that conveys up-to-date information on PEV purchases, charging behavior, FAQs, etc.

Reason for action


A central location for PEV resources makes it easy for stakeholders to stay up-to-date on PEV deployment efforts and PEV technologies. Creating an interactive and innovative website that acts as a central resource hub can get consumers and stakeholders excited about PEVs.

Implementing the action

  • Gather and synthesize all the information and resources that the DOT has collected or developed into an appealing web portal for PEVs. Resources include PEV data (e.g., DMV sales data), driver behavior, news clips, and more (e.g., see Action 3.3) as well as:
  • A guide on how to use charging stations from different service providers in the region.
  • A real-time ticker on air quality emissions and GHG emissions reduced by PEVs.
  • Include innovative and interactive resources on the website. Act with other groups to offer resources for PEV deployment needs, including:
  • Linking to maps locating all charging stations in the vicinity such as http://carstations.com/.
  • Working with educational institutions like UC-Berkeley’s Renewable and Appropriate Energy Laboratory to recruit electric vehicle drivers to submit their driving behavior information and educate other drivers in the state.
  • Creating a charging station vote map, where consumers can vote for where they would like a charger. Spotlight: SeeClickFix, an innovative citizen engagement company, partners with municipal governments to offer citizens opportunities to report neighborhood issues and needs on an online map. This information is received directly by the government.
  • See the Resource List for additional links to the ones below: http://www.afdc.energy.gov/locator/stations, http://www.plugshare.com, http://www.electricdrive.org/, http://www.pluginamerica.org/
  • Consider consulting or partnering with other organizations to create and maintain the website. Creating an innovative website may not be a core competency of the DOT.
  • Publicize the website and resources through the DOT’s publicity mechanisms as well as through various stakeholder groups.



The website and the DOT are central resources for all PEV-related information in the state and the region. A well-maintained website can enhance the agency’s effectiveness and ability to engage with other PEV leaders and encourage citizens to perceive the DOT as a valuable institution and resource.

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