2.9   Use and publicize standardized PEV charging signage

Reason for action


Many states and municipalities are using different signage to indicate the presence of electric vehicle charging stations, even though the FHWA has adopted a standard guide sign for PEV charging. A non-standard sign confuses PEV drivers. DOTs can control the signage along roads that they manage.

Implementing the action

  • Use the interim alternative electric vehicle charging general service symbol sign approved by the FHWA. This sign was developed by a Traffic Control Devices pooled fund study in response to a request by the Oregon and Washington Transportation Departments. Out of all other signs tested, this sign received the best ratings for clarity in signifying a charging station, as well as the distance from which it could be seen.
  • Publicize the sign to municipalities, private entities, and other agencies installing charging stations. A standardized sign increases recognition of charging station locations.


The DOT is prepared to include signage recommendations in Action 3.6 Create PEV guidance for local governments/districts.

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