2.6 Analyze and report on public value of DOT work on PEVs in state or region

Reason for action


Leadership may want in-depth description of the benefits of getting involved with PEVs and what the DOT can do. Alternatively, the DOT may be mandated to create a full study by an executive order or legislation. This action can be conducted in conjunction with a PEV action plan for the state. Spotlight: Although not a state DOT, FHWA has commissioned a comprehensive study that examines the public value of PEVs and their implications for the mission of the FHWA.

Implementing the action

  • Find and coordinate with the appropriate partners. A full study might be part of a statewide effort to deploy PEVs and thus may involve stakeholders beyond those in the DOT. Spotlight: the Maryland EV Infrastructure Council and the Illinois EV Infrastructure Council detailed public benefits for the state in addition to recommendations for action in its report to their state’s governor.
  • Conduct a review of existing literature to determine what studies have already been done. A large number of studies have already been conducted. C2ES’s PEV Action Plan and recent Literature Review on the Northeast summarize much of the recent literature. The study can summarize past studies and attempt to answer outstanding or state-specific questions.



The study can enable more DOT work on PEVs and provide a firm, public justification for why this work is being conducted.

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