2.3 Support communications and outreach by other electric vehicle stakeholders in the state

Reason for action

A large barrier to electric vehicle growth is consumer unfamiliarity with PEVs.

Implementing the action

  • Inform communications and outreach efforts by letting other stakeholders know about DOT policies and state and local incentives.
  • Ensure that messaging is consistent with how the DOT is talking about PEVs. For example, if the publicity campaign is primarily using emotional appeals to the driver, the DOT should be cautious about participating.
  • Recognize the line between advocacy or marketing, and communications and outreach. Other organizations already exist to market PEVs, such as automakers, charging infrastructure providers, local PEV advocacy groups, and industry associations. DOTs should focus on realizing the public benefits of PEVs and learning about the implications of PEVs on DOT operations.


The DOT better understands its role in future education and public awareness campaigns. The DOT is also a closer partner with state PEV stakeholders, opening the door to more collaborative work in the future.

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