2.2      Publish PEV resources on website

Reason for action

Publishing content on the DOT website is a cost-effective way to support the deployment of PEVs.

Implementing the action

  • Find an existing webpage to include PEV information or build a new PEV portal.
  • Coordinate with the DOT department that manages the website on content location and timing of the content’s public launch. Website language on PEVs should focus on educational information and avoid advocacy.
  • Put useful tools and resources on the site, such as links to websites like DOE’s total cost of ownership calculator. Consider putting PEV links on all division websites to increase PEV web presence.
  • Keep the website up to date, potentially creating a blog to give the latest news on PEVs. Updates on the progress of DOT PEV work through a blog give consumers a way to learn about the DOT that is friendly and interactive. For example, the U.S. DOT website has a transportation blog called FastLane that is frequently updated.



Consumers seeking to learn more about PEVs can go to the DOT website. Having a DOT landing page for PEV-related information opens the door for more innovative web work on PEVs (see Action 3.4).

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