2.14   Survey and educate agency staff on PEVs

Reason for action


A high level of staff interest in electric vehicles can help make the case for electric fleet vehicles to the fleet manager and DOT leadership. Spotlight: Arizona DOT surveyed its staff on its interest in electric vehicles and found that people were interested in electric vehicles but did not know very much about them. Educating staff on how to use public fleet electric vehicles may also be a catalyst for purchasing electric vehicles for personal use. Surveys of DOT staff can also reveal general consumer attitudes regarding electric vehicles. Spotlight: one state DOT found that staff did not use electric vehicles because they did not know how to use them.

Implementing the action

  • Draft a survey to send to all staff, with questions on electric vehicle knowledge, attitudes, and current driving habits.
  • Consider holding focus groups and discussions afterwards to better understand survey responses.
  • Be clear that the survey is for informational purposes only. Staff may be against electric vehicles and the DOT must be careful to avoid unfair characterizations as advocates for electric vehicles.
  • Hold a DOT-wide webinar or presentation on electric vehicle use during lunchtime. Spotlight: the U.S. Department of Transportation’s has invited experts to give talks on various transportation issues.
  • Respond to the needs from the survey by, for example, addressing range anxiety concerns by installing free charging stations at DOT offices.



Surveying and educating staff about electric vehicles leads to a better case for public fleet electric vehicles. It also allows for an internal “pilot testing” for electric vehicle messaging and education of the broader public. Finally, surveying and educating staff encourages staff purchase of electric vehicles for personal use.

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