1.3 Dedicate a staff member as the lead on PEVs

Reason for action


Major PEV projects such as building a charging station network require expertise and significant amounts of staff time. Designating a staff member as the lead on PEVs creates accountability for PEV knowledge and work. Some DOTs that have dedicated staff experts have been successful in attracting investments to their states. Spotlight: Oregon DOT’s Office of Innovative Partnerships and Alternative Funding has developed staff expertise in PEVs, which has led to securing several million dollars from federal energy and transportation funding programs.

Implementing the action

Identify a staff member as the PEV lead, and involve several others in the department as stakeholders. The staff lead does not have to spend all his time on PEVs, but could work with others who each dedicate part of their time to PEVs.



With a staff member designated as the lead for PEVs, the department can move on to Action 1.4 Articulate public value, objectives, and a PEV plan of action.

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