1.1    Learn about PEVs from other PEV stakeholders

Reason for action

Broad stakeholder groups (e.g., legislators, executive committee, business groups, non-governmental organizations) play an important role in getting a DOT involved in PEVs, as well as maintaining resiliency through leadership change in the governor’s office or the DOT. This action should be continued as the DOT progresses to other actions. Spotlight: DriveOregon is a public/private venture dedicated to promoting electric transportation throughout the State of Oregon.

Implementing the action

  • See if broad stakeholder groups currently exist and request to participate in the groups. The Resource List contains some PEV data and resources for existing groups.
  • Communicate through informal channels with legislators, local governments, private manufacturers, and others if the state does not already contain a broad stakeholder group. After it has gained knowledge on PEVs and cultivated an initial network, the DOT could take the lead in convening the relevant stakeholders in the state. Spotlight: The DOE’s Clean Cities Coalitions are often local organizations that may be connected with other PEV stakeholders in the area. Ohio’s Clean Cities Coalition contains over 100 diverse PEV and alternative fuel stakeholders from around the state.
  • Alternatively, issue a formal request for information to create a stakeholder group around a specific action, such as charging infrastructure siting. Spotlight: Oregon issued a Request for Information with the private sector and other stakeholders to learn more about what ODOT could do on charging infrastructure.
  • Use the broad stakeholder group as a source of institutional knowledge and base of support for PEV work. Spotlight: Ohio’s business community continued to keep PEV deployment active and was a source of institutional knowledge through leadership change in the governor’s office.


This action leads to more support and knowledge of the public value of PEVs. Participation in these dialogues should help DOTs understand why DOTs should do work on PEVs and lead to an action plan (see Action 1.4).

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