Starting Point

0.2     Act on legislation or legislative PEV request



In some states, the legislature may drive work on PEVs and authorize PEV work for the state DOT. DOTs may revisit this Starting Point as the legislature enables new DOT actions on PEVs. Spotlight: Washington State’s House Bill 1481 in 2009 authorized a large amount of PEV work for the DOT, Department of Commerce, the Puget Sound Regional Council, Department of Labor, State Building Code Council, and more. Washington State had already been working on PEVs beforehand but the bill allowed the DOT to conduct new PEV work and actions.

Legislative action may also require DOT to work on some facet of PEV deployment by law without being adequately prepared; DOTs can be prepared by advising and commenting on proposed bills through the legislative process.

Next Steps

  • Advise legislators on the agency’s perspective on electric vehicles, which could lead to legislative interest and authorization for PEV work. This action can be open up new action categories after the DOT is already a Learner, Actor, or Leader.
  • Monitor legislative proposals that could potentially harm PEV deployment. Spotlight: Washington State passed Senate Bill 5251 in February 2012 requiring a $100 registration fee for all PEVs. This registration fee may hamper early PEV adoption efforts.

While the DOT can jump straight to any of the Actor actions from here, the DOT should first articulate the public value proposition for PEVs and undertake some or all of the Learner actions.

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