Starting Point

0.1     Respond to request to help with PEV deployment from other agencies or businesses



For areas with low likelihood of gubernatorial or legislative action on PEVs, requests from other agencies and the private sector can begin PEV deployment efforts. Spotlight: North Carolina’s role in PEVs began when a private vendor and the Department of Commerce asked for help in siting chargers under a U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) grant.

Next Steps

  • Respond to request from other agencies. Requests may include aid in charging station siting from private entities, informational requests, local MPO or municipality requests for guidance, applications for federal or state grants, and more.
  • Research and gather information for these requests, which can allow a DOT to identify its role in PEV deployment. The DOT can also go through the Learner actions as it helps another agency with electric vehicle deployment.

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