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How Can Business Accelerate Innovative Solutions to the Climate Challenge?

We launched an in-depth study on low-carbon business innovation with generous funding from Hewlett-Packard (HP). Innovation in low-carbon technologies is critical to achieving the greenhouse gas emissions reductions necessary to addressing climate change while maintaining robust economic growth. Businesses are an important engine of the low-carbon innovations that are vital to solving the global climate change problem. This project is a research effort to understand how leading companies successfully execute low-carbon innovation strategies with the aim of helping to accelerate this type of innovation in the U.S. and global economy.


Check out our podcasts on low-carbon business innovation:

  • C2ES President Eileen Claussen discusses the roles business and government play in advancing low-carbon innovation.
  • In advance of the report's release in October, report author Andrew Hargadon sat down with us to outline some of the key concepts that will be included in the work.
  • Bob Hilton of Alstom, one of the four low-carbon innovation case study companies, talks about Alstom's development of carbon capture and storage technologies that can dramatically reduce carbon emissions in the coming years.


Learn about the top three technologies available today that will have the biggest impact on achieving low emissions growth.

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