Supply Chain

Many companies have found that the largest contribution to their energy footprint comes from their suppliers. Many companies are partnering with their suppliers, providing technical assistance, educational materials, and other resources to help reduce energy use.

The resources below include presentations, reports and news on improving energy efficiency in the supply chain, as well as links to other organizations and web sites working on this issue.

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This report identifies best practices in green supply chain initiatives, and highlights key issues such as senior leadership, supplier self assessments and site visits as steps to successful supply chain.
The Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) is an investor-driven initiative to collect information about greenhouse gas emissions and mitigation strategies from large, multi-national corporations. In 2007, CDP investors launched CDP Supply Chain to help large companies identify opportunities for reducing greenhouse gas emissions from external operations, with results from 2008 presented in this report.
This report proposes that companies that optimize their supply chain processes can reduce overall carbon emissions and strengthen their brand image.
This report identifies opportunities to reduce carbon emissions in logistics and transport, and assesses the feasibility and abatement potential of commercially available technologies.
View a listing of various business-government and business-NGO partnerships designed to advance energy efficiency in supply chain operations.

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