Commercial buildings use a significant amount of energy, accounting for almost 20 percent of all energy consumed in the United States. Companies are taking steps to reduce energy use in buildings, including upgrading lighting systems, switching to more energy efficient office equipment and appliances, and using technology to better manage energy consumption.

The resources below include presentations, reports and news on energy efficiency improvements in commercial buildings, as well as links to other organizations and web sites active on this issue.

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This report models the cost of inaction on energy issues, and highlights measures that can reduce energy consumption in buildings, such as building energy codes, labeling and reporting mechanisms, and investment subsidies.
This report is an integrated assessment of various LEED standards, taking into consideration factors such as energy, water and indoor environmental impacts.
View a listing of various business-government and business-NGO partnerships designed to advance more energy efficiency strategies in building construction and maintenance.
This program level site includes instructions on how an organization can participate in Energy Star programs related to energy efficiency in facilities.
A new tool from the Rocky Mountain Institute helps calculate greenhouse gas emissions from buildings – from site development, construction and operations. This online calculator uses project information to generate a building performance report, and can be used to determine the impact of energy efficiency construction or retrofits.

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