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Exploring the future of PEVs

Make an Impact in the News

Learning from Hurricane Irene

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pew climateVisit our facebook pageFollow us on TwitterConnect with us on LinkedIn Reading the Clouds
Guest blogger, Andrew Hoffman, studied the language used by opposing sides of the climate change debate to understand the frames that people use to view the science. Read more.

Feeling the Crunch
The current U.S. debt crisis sets the stage for a potential tipping point in federal science spending, writes Pew Center senior scientist Jay Gulledge. To avoid a permanent retraction of government support for research, the science community must make a stronger case for funding. Read more. Mark Your Calendar
UNEP Finance Initiative will hold its biennial roundtable discussion in D.C. on October 19-20. The roundtable will bring together financial sector leaders to discuss the global sustainable agenda ahead of the 2012 UN Conference on Sustainable Development. Read more.

Business of Innovating Conference

The Pew Center is hosting the Business of Innovating Conference on October 25-26 in Atlanta. This event will bring together those in the business, government, and academic sectors to discuss the most effective methods used by leading companies to bring low-carbon technologies to market. We also will be releasing a report summarizing a year of research on this topic at the conference. Read more about the conference>

Bob Hilton of Alstom, one of the four low-carbon innovation case study companies, discusses Alstom's development of carbon capture and storage technologies that can dramatically reduce carbon emissions in the coming years Listen to the podcast>

Climate Leadership Awards
The EPA and the Pew Center, in association with The Climate Registry and the Association of Climate Change Officers, unveiled the criteria and nomination deadline for the Climate Leadership Awards. The new national program will recognize corporate, organizational, and individual leadership on climate change. Read more>

More Markets & Business News

PEV Point of View
A new multi-part series explores the landscape of plug-in electric vehicles. The first of two white papers focuses on the state of play in the PEV market including ongoing deployment projects, expected consumer market demand, and public policies related to PEV deployment, while the second paper looks at the hurdles PEVs face in the U.S. both currently and in the future. Read more>

Clean Energy Markets
A new brief explains how investment in clean energy technologies will spark economic growth and job creation in the U.S. and globally. Read more>

EOR Initiative
This summer in conjunction with the Great Plains Institute, we launched a national enhanced oil recovery initiative that brings together industry, government, and organizational leaders to increase the supply of domestic oil produced through enhanced oil recovery using carbon dioxide. The initiative aims to improve energy security, create economic opportunities, and reduce GHGs. Read more>

More Technology News

Climate Finance Brief
A recent brief on International Climate Assistance discusses what the U.S. is doing to help developing countries reduce GHGs and adapt to the impacts of climate change. Through its ongoing efforts, the U.S. can promote economic interests, diplomacy, and national security. Read more>

India Emerges
India has strategically placed itself as an international negotiator through its comprehensive climate change program. Its climate change efforts, together with economic growth and development goals, can help benefit the larger geopolitical landscape. Read more>

More International News

Make an Impact

Make an Impact in the News
On July 26, the Make an Impact program was highlighted in the NBC/Weather Channel show Changing Planet: Clean Energy, Green Jobs, and Global Competition. Watch the TV clip>

More Make an Impact News

Drought Adaptation
Texas has seen one of the worst dry spells this year on record. Basing adaptation actions on current trends and our understanding of climate change will help prepare the state for more severe and longer droughts, suggests Dan Huber. Read more>

Heat Wave
The summer brought on excessive heat waves that were blamed for 34 deaths. This demonstrates the importance of risk management and adaptation in dealing with climate change. We also discuss recent extreme weather events and what they can teach us about adaptation in our new Climate Change 101 podcast. Listen to the podcast>

More Science & Impacts News

Passing Legislation
In the absence of federal climate policy, states are addressing our climate and energy issues. Some of the most recent legislation passed by states includes:

  • Maine plans to halve oil use by 2050
  • Illinois passes two bills to increase electric vehicle use
  • New York passes law to encourage more efficient homes

More States and Regions News

Understanding Hurricane Irene's Impacts
In a series of blog posts, we explain the effects of climate change on hurricanes and what we can learn about our risks from Hurricane Irene. John Marzabadi describes the devastation of Hurricane Irene on his hometown, Ridgewood, NJ, and the need for cities to plan for more extreme weather events in the future. Read more>

Taking Flight
The European Union has taken the initiative to reduce greenhouse gas emission through aviation. Nick Nigro explains that while emissions from airplanes are expected to grow at a rapid pace if left unchecked, not everyone is on board with the EU's plan. Read more>

The Case for RGGI
RGGI was the first mandatory CO2 cap and trade program in the U.S., but recently NJ's governor announced the state will leave the program citing it ineffective and a failure. As Sam Wurzelmann explains, not everyone agrees with Gov. Christie. Read more>

More from the Climate Compass blog

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