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SEPT. 2013

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Carbon Forum Opens

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Eileen Claussen and American Water CEO Jeff Sterba discuss climate resilience challenges facing companies Oct. 15 at a conference of the National Association of Corporate Directors.

Steve Seidel presents C2ES research about ways the federal government is using information technology to cut energy use, emissions, and costs Oct. 15 at NextGov Prime.

Nick Nigro and Sarah Dougherty talk about financing alternative fuel vehicles and infrastructure at the Maryland Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Council and Plug-In 2013 in San Diego.

C2ES in the News

Elliot Diringer tells Politico that EPA’s proposed rules for new power plants are one step in curbing emissions.

Manik Roy comments in the New York Times on states’ critical role in implementing the proposed carbon limits, and tells Politico how CCS deployment will bring down the technology costs.

Joe Casola talks to Marketplace and AFP about the new IPCC report.

Eileen Claussen tells the Bloomberg 50 Markets Summit that even companies reluctant to talk about climate change are taking steps toward resilience.

Judi Greenwald tells Forbes about two projects using CCS technology to help increase U.S. energy production.

Climate science is even stronger
The world’s climate scientists reaffirmed with greater certainty than ever that human activity is warming the planet, threatening to irreversibly alter our climate. Eileen Claussen says the new report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change underscores the urgent need for stronger action to cut emissions and strengthen climate resilience.

EPA proposes CO2 limits for new power plants
The Environmental Protection Agency’s proposed limits on carbon emissions from new power plants would allow the use coal or natural gas as long as utilities employ the cleanest technologies available. C2ES explains the key elements of the new proposal, an important step toward decarbonizing the power sector.

More on Federal Policy

Outlook for new global climate agreement
Negotiations toward a new global climate agreement are taking a more realistic turn, Elliot Diringer writes in the journal Nature. As nations approach the midpoint in the latest round of talks, they are debating a new approach that lets each define its own commitments, and prods them to take stronger action over time.

More on International Policy

Make an Impact talks efficiency at SXSW
Executives of Alcoa, Bank of America, and Entergy join C2ES’s Make an Impact team Oct. 9 at SXSW Eco in Austin, Texas, to highlight ways individuals and communities can become energy savvy and shrink their carbon footprints.

More from Make an Impact

Business resilience event at Climate Week NYC
Senior executives from Rio Tinto, National Grid and The Hartford joined C2ES at the fifth annual Climate Week NYC to discuss how companies are beginning to tackle their growing climate risks. The event, sponsored by Bank of America, featured a recent C2ES report, Weathering the Storm, on the state of resilience planning among global companies. See the opening remarks and discussion.

Climate Leadership Conference agenda unveiled
Sessions just announced for the 2014 Climate Leadership Conference include transforming data into action, engaging employees, and understanding the energy-water nexus. The conference, Feb. 24-26 in San Diego, is cosponsored by EPA, C2ES, the Climate Registry and the Association of Climate Change Officers. Register here.

More on Business

Carbon Forum North America opens this week
C2ES is again the program sponsor for IETA’s Carbon Forum North America, Oct. 1-2 in Washington. Elliot Diringer leads a discussion on the prospects for a new international climate agreement, while other C2ES experts discuss the lessons of early carbon trading programs, how companies are curbing their emissions, and the challenges of communicating climate science.

Encouraging carbon capture and storage
A new C2ES policy brief provides an overview of the U.S. Department of Energy’s efforts to advance carbon capture and storage (CCS) technology. A second brief, with North America 2050, outlines the steps states can take to spur CCS and the use of captured CO2 for enhanced oil recovery.

A price on carbon is most efficient approach
The latest edition of the Journal of Environmental Investing features Eileen Claussen as an influential voice on environmental policy and investment. Claussen tells the journal that the most effective and efficient way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions is to put a price on carbon. Watch a video of the interview.

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