COP 22 preview, historic accords, a year of accomplishment, and more.
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October 2016

From Paris to Marrakech

Negotiators gather next month in Marrakech, Morocco, to start filling in the details of the landmark Paris Agreement, which commits countries to fight climate change. C2ES outlines key issues ahead.

Business applauds Paris Agreement

Leading businesses applauded nations’ swift action to ratify the Paris Agreement, which formally enters into force November 4. Read their statement committing to work toward a low-carbon future.

Aviation accord

For the first time, a climate agreement will address an entire sector of the global economy – international aviation. Market-based approaches play a key role.

HFC agreement

Nations took a major step to limit global warming by phasing down potent hydrofluorocarbons. Steve Seidel explains why it’s a double win for the climate.

C2ES board expands

C2ES welcomes three distinguished leaders to our Board of Directors: Duke Energy Executive Cari Boyce, Texas Earth Day Founder Trammell S. Crow, and George Washington University Executive Director of Sustainability Kathleen Merrigan.

A year of accomplishment

From our work toward an international climate deal to our Solutions Forums bringing cities, states, and businesses together, C2ES has built a reputation as a policy innovator, bridge-builder, and catalyst for business engagement. Learn more in our 2015-16 Annual Report.

Lessons for carbon capture

The first U.S. offshore wind farm will come online this fall. Fatima Ahmad examines how policies that advanced offshore wind technology can be applied to carbon capture technology.

Register for the Climate Leadership Conference

Join climate, energy, and sustainability professionals March 1-3 in Chicago for the 2017 Climate Leadership Conference. Registration opens November 1.

An internal price on carbon

A growing number of companies are deploying carbon pricing to to reduce their emissions. C2ES is helping companies explore different approaches.

Mapping net metering

Net metering allows people with rooftop solar panels or other types of distributed generation to sell the power they generate back to their utility. Our updated map shows net-metering policies across the U.S.


C2ES in the news 

BusinessGreen and Reve report on businesses signing a C2ES-sponsored statement of support for the Paris Agreement.
Climate Central, The Hill, Financial Times, and Environmental Leader quote C2ES reaction to the world’s first global aircraft emissions agreement.
Steve Seidel talks to The Christian Science Monitor about the agreement to phase out HFCs.
Doug Vine talks to Climate Central about booming solar capacity.
GreenTech Media cites C2ES research on how Canadian hydropower can help the U.S. meet its climate goals.
Fatima Maria Ahmad talks to MetroNews in West Virginia about growing support for incentives for carbon capture technology.


Mark your calendar

Nov. 2: Bob Perciasepe speaks at the Center for Strategic and International Studies on pathways to reduce U.S. emissions.
Nov. 2: Fatima Maria Ahmad speaks at the Midwest Regional Carbon Sequestration Partnership.
Nov 10: Bob Perciasepe speaks at CQ Roll Call’s Election Impact 2016 conference.

Nov. 15: C2ES and EEI host a livestreamed side event in Marrakech: Charting a Low-Carbon Course for the U.S. Economy
Nov. 16: C2ES hosts a side event in Marrakech: The Outlook for U.S. Climate Policy
Nov. 16: Manjyot Bhan speaks about public-private partnerships at American University's School of Public Affairs.
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