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NOV. 2013

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More than two dozen speakers are lined up for the 2014 Climate Leadership Conference, Feb. 24-26 in San Diego. Register by Dec. 12 for the best rates.

Register for a Dec. 4 webinar about extreme weather’s impacts on the mining industry with Sarah Lacey of Rio Tinto.

C2ES in the News

Eileen Claussen talks with E&E TV about the challenges facing EPA in devising rules for existing power plants.

Joe Casola talks with NBC News and Delmarva Public Radio about the need to adapt to the climate changes already underway.

Elliot Diringer discusses the path toward an international climate agreement with Reuters, the BBC and Mother Jones.

Patrick Falwell explains the multiple benefits of using CO2 for enhanced oil recovery in High Country News.

Warsaw talks hint at what’s to come
A modest deal in Warsaw keeps the U.N. climate talks moving forward but underscores challenges for reaching a new global pact in Paris in 2015. Governments set a timeline for proposing their “nationally determined” contributions, and Elliot Diringer explains what that implies for the shape of a 2015 agreement. C2ES summarizes key outcomes of the Warsaw talks.

Sharing US, German lessons on renewables
C2ES and Ecofys are teaming up for a new US-German Clean Energy Leadership Series exploring both nations’ experiences supporting the transition to clean energy. The first issue details how intermittent, remote renewable energy sources can be integrated into the power grid.

More on International Policy

Small businesses face big climate risks
The Hartford’s survey of small businesses in the region struck by Hurricane Sandy found that 75 percent were forced to temporarily close their doors. The main problem was loss of power, underscoring the importance of thinking beyond the fence line when assessing climate risks. View our business resilience webinars with The Hartford, American Water, Weyerhaeuser and Entergy.

More on Business

More climate bills, but little action in Congress
C2ES takes a by-the-numbers look and finds that so far, 131 climate-related measures have been introduced this Congress, 62 percent of which support some form of climate action. But the only ones enacted so far were to cope with the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.

More on Federal Policy

The opportunities of distributed generation
Decentralized power generation can increase efficiency, improve resilience to extreme weather, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Eileen Claussen outlines the benefits of distributed generation, and the challenges it poses to the U.S. power sector.

Using ICT to improve federal sustainability
Federal agencies can meet tougher sustainability mandates with the help of more efficient data storage and other information and communication technologies. Stephen Seidel joined Scott Renda of the White House Office of Management and Budget at NextGov Prime 2013 to discuss steps toward a greener government.

More on Energy and Technology

Be food-smart this holiday season
Americans throw away 34 million tons of food every year. Reducing food waste would not only feed more people, but also conserve resources, save money, and reduce carbon emissions. Simple steps can make a difference, like sticking to your grocery list and getting creative with leftovers. Check out these Make an Impact tips.

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New VP for policy & analysis
Jeff Hopkins joins C2ES as its new Vice President for Policy and Analysis, managing programs in the energy, power, and transportation sectors. Hopkins has more than 15 years of private and public sector experience in economic and environmental policy analysis examining the global energy sector and trends in best regulatory practice.

More about C2ES.

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