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Exclusive C2ES Podcast with Sen. Jeff Bingaman

C2ES Talks Clean Tech at Rio+20

Putting Electric Cars on the Road

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Center for Climate and Energy Solutions Visit our facebook pageFollow us on TwitterConnect with us on LinkedIn New Strategic Partner
C2ES is pleased to announce that GE joins Entergy, HP, and Shell as the Center’s fourth strategic partner, with a multi-year commitment of support. Learn more about GE’s environmental leadership and C2ES’s work on promoting climate and energy solutions. CO2-EOR Methodology
A new report from the National Enhanced Oil Recovery Initiative, a coalition of industry, state, environmental, and labor leaders convened by C2ES and the Great Plains Institute, explains the research and methodology behind the group’s recommendations for a federal production tax credit to support enhanced oil recovery using CO2 captured from power plants and industry. See more publications

Eyes on the Arctic
The rapid melting of Arctic sea ice is driving interest in new shipping routes, oil and gas exploration, and rich Arctic fisheries. These commercial opportunities are leading, in turn, to new national security concerns and the rebuilding of military capabilities in the region. A new C2ES report examines how climate change is reshaping the geopolitics of the far North and urges steps to head off potential conflicts. Jay Gulledge blogs on the emerging security concerns and discusses the report's findings with Alaska Public Radio.

More Science & Impacts News

US Capitol C2ES in Congress
In Senate testimony, Judi Greenwald says legislation proposed by Sen. Jeff Bingaman (D-NM) is a good first step toward a federal clean energy standard. The proposed bill would increase the portion of U.S. electricity from “clean energy” sources, building on the renewable energy portfolio standards already in place in many states. Read about a key issue in the hearing—possible preemption of the Clean Air Act.

Speaking with Sen. Bingaman
Download a podcast of C2ES's Nikki Roy talking with Sen. Bingaman about the thinking behind—and the challenges facing—his Clean Energy Standard Act of 2012.

More U.S. Policy News

Looking to 2015
International climate negotiations resumed this month in Bonn, Germany, with the goal of reaching a comprehensive new agreement in 2015. While the Durban Platform launching the new talks calls for a "legal" agreement "applicable to all Parties," it is largely a blank slate giving countries a fresh opportunity to explore creative new approaches, writes Elliot Diringer.

More International News

Clean Tech Lessons at Rio+20
C2ES and the Global Environment Facility join forces June 17 for a Rio+20 side event on the business of low-carbon innovation. Experts and business leaders will discuss lessons in clean-tech entrepreneurship from multinationals and start-ups in developed and developing countries.

D.C. Innovation Forum
Watch videos from C2ES's Low-Carbon Innovation Forum, a dialogue between government and business representatives on their respective roles in spurring innovation that reduces greenhouse gas emissions. Panel discussions focused on collaborative R&D to modernize the electric grid, the military's role in driving energy efficiency, and how tougher fuel economy standards have helped revive the U.S. auto industry.

More Business News

Beyond Carbon Storage
With coal accounting for 28 percent of U.S. greenhouse gas emissions, carbon capture and storage (CCS) has the potential to reduce GHG emissions from coal-fueled power plants by as much as 90 percent. But storing carbon is not the only option, Eileen Claussen says in a keynote address to the Conference on Carbon Capture Utilization and Sequestration in Pittsburgh. With the right incentives, captured CO2 can also be used to boost domestic oil production through enhanced oil recovery. Read highlights from the annual CCUS conference.

Implementing PEV Action Plan
In partnership with seven state transportation departments and the U.S. Department of Transportation, C2ES is developing a readiness construct to help states understand their role in advancing electric vehicle deployment. To identifying best practices for state transportation departments, C2ES hosted a workshop on electric vehicle public policies and opportunities for fleet procurement. Learn more about steps by C2ES to implement the Action Plan forged by its PEV Dialogue Group.

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