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MARCH 2014

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How green banks work

Climate Leadership

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Stay on top of the fast-paced energy sector with the new C2ES roundup of the week's top energy stories. Each Monday, C2ES summarizes the previous week’s major stories, with links to additional resources.

C2ES in the News

In a Project Syndicate op-ed, C2ES Board Member David Hone urges policymakers to focus on carbon capture and storage as a strategy for reducing emissions.

Doug Vine tells Politico Pro that today’s competitive power markets don’t put extra value on zero-carbon baseload nuclear power.

Nick Nigro tells Climatewire that incentives like Georgia's alternative fuel vehicle tax credit are still needed to keep electric vehicles competitive in the marketplace.

EPA’s options for power plant rules
As early as June, the Environmental Protection Agency could propose carbon emissions standards for U.S. power plants. Electricity generation is responsible for about 40 percent of U.S. carbon emissions – the largest single source. C2ES examines some of the options for EPA regulation in a new primer and resource page.

Globally, a warmer winter than usual
While it was a bitterly cold winter in the eastern United States, many parts of the world saw above-average temperatures. Globally, January was the fourth warmest on record.

Getting clear on climate models
Climate models illustrate a range of potential futures. Joe Casola says what’s clear is that none of these futures looks like the past, and that Earth’s continued rise in global temperatures will bring increased risks.

More on Science and Impacts

Rolling back flood insurance reform
After acting in 2012 to fix a broken flood insurance system, Congress voted this month to undo many of those reforms. Dan Huber says the move endangers a program that is $24 billion in debt and also masks the true flood risks homeowners face.

More on Federal Policy

Green banks encourage private investment
More states are trying “green banks” to leverage a small amount of public money to increase private investment in clean tech. Sarah Dougherty explains how green banks work and the reasons behind the growing trend.

States cooperating on climate change
Many states have reached across borders to collaborate on efforts to address climate change. C2ES summarizes key multi-state climate initiatives.

More on States and Regions

Three lessons from climate leaders
Changing the perceptions and practices of employees, customers, and stockholders isn’t easy. But if done effectively, it can bring award-winning results. Three Climate Leadership Award winners share strategies that can help others take action.

More on Business

Tips for energy-savvy renters
A new federal program will give owners incentives to make their rental properties more energy efficient – and give renters tools to understand and cut energy costs. Katie Mandes explains the important role renters can play in cutting carbon emissions.

More from Make an Impact

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