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Up on the Hill - Congressional Testimony

And the Schools' Carbon Challenge Winner Is ...

Leading the Way on Renewable Electricity

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pew climateVisit our facebook pageFollow us on TwitterConnect with us on LinkedIn Awarding Leaders
The Pew Center, in association with The Climate Registry and the Association of Climate Change Officers, is sponsoring a new national awards program with the EPA to recognize exemplary corporate, organizational, and individual leadership in response to climate change. Read more.

Climate Choices
With the release of the National Academies' assessment on climate change, Eileen Claussen applauds its efforts and agrees with the study's findings that climate change impacts our economy and security. Claussen advises that straightforward answers about the risks and costs should be communicated in a clear and honest way. Read more. Energy Efficiency in the South
On June 15, 2011, the Pew Center will host a workshop on corporate energy efficiency strategies and policy options in Austin, TX. Read more.

The Low-Carbon Future

Low-carbon business innovation will become more important for business and U.S. economic growth over the next two decades. That is one of the key findings of a Pew Center survey of largely Fortune 500 companies with demonstrated commitments to addressing climate and energy issues. The survey is one element of a broader study, Business of Innovating, on the most effective methods companies are using today to bring low-carbon innovations to market. Read more about the key survey findings>

In advance of the report's release in October, report author Andrew Hargadon sat down with us to discuss some of the study's key concepts. Listen to the podcast>

More Markets & Business News

Climate Change 101 Podcasts
Building on the success of our Climate Change 101 series, we are creating complementary podcasts. The podcast series, which currently features an Overview and Science & Impacts episodes, builds on the 101 reports and delves deeper into specific topics. Listen to the series>

Maryland: Leader in Adaptation
The state of Maryland released a report this year on climate science and adaptation policy for guiding state-level activities within short- and medium-term timeframes. As Dan Huber explains, the key recommendations include the impacts of climate change on human health, water resources, and population growth. Read more>

More Science & Impacts News

A Global Problem Requiring U.S. Leadership
Climate change poses a serious long-term threat to our nation's resources, our economic well-being, and our national security, Elliot Diringer tells a U.S. House subcommittee during a Congressional hearing. While climate change is a quintessentially global challenge that requires a global solution, as the world's largest economy, leading innovator, and largest cumulative emitter, the U.S. has a responsibility to the international community to show leadership by addressing climate change here at home. Read more>

More International News

US Capitol Setting the Standard
Read more about the EPA's development of New Source Performance Standards for GHGs for power plants and refineries. Read more>

Face the Facts
EPA regulations have been a hot topic on the Hill. They continue to be seen as a burden on the economy by some and doomed to be overturned by Congress. The truth is, EPA's guidelines focus mainly on increasing energy efficiency and preventing a threat to public health and welfare as Michael Tubman explains. Read more>

More Federal News

Make an Impact

The Results Are In
Make an Impact, in collaboration with the Alcoa Foundation, announced the winners of the Make an Impact: Change Our 2morrow schools' challenge. Seven schools in Indiana, Ohio, Tennessee, and Virginia won a total of $10,000 after competing in a month-long educational energy conservation competition. Don't forget to complete the carbon calculator to find out how you can reduce your carbon footprint. Read more>

More Make an Impact News

New Technology Factsheets
Our Climate TechBook is an online resource of information on ways to reduce GHGs from the five key economic sectors in the United States. We are continuing to expand our factsheet resources, and our most recent ones focus on Nuclear Power, Lighting Efficiency, Geothermal Energy, and Building Envelope. Read more>

Moving Away from Oil
The competition between fuel-efficient cars and gas-powered cars is fierce. Hundreds of billions of dollars are being sent out of our economy each year for oil. To move away from this trend, we need a government push on research and development in vehicle efficiency to help grow our economy and improve our quality of life, Nick Nigro explains. Meanwhile, Judi Greenwald discusses what should drive fuel efficiency. Read more>

More Technology News

California Increases RPS
The governor of California recently signed a bill increasing the state's renewable portfolio standard by requiring 33 percent of electricity come from renewable sources by 2020. It is one of the most aggressive RPS policies in the country and is projected to reduce GHGs below BAU by 12-13 million metric tons of CO2 per year by 2020. Read more>

More States and Regions News

Driving Progress
Whether or not electric vehicles take off will ultimately depend on consumer acceptance of new technology. But public policy and technological progress are just as important, Eileen Claussen explains. Read more>

Getting Out of Climate Debt
The federal deficit isn't the only thing affecting our future well-being and quality of life. As Russell Meyer explains, the climate change debate has more similarities with the federal deficit than we think. Read more>

Fact Check
Warnings about EPA rules impacting electric utilities alarmed many before anyone knew EPA's final decisions on the rules. Steve Seidel looks at some of the doomsday scenarios, including the new source permitting requirements, the regulations on electric utilities, and the reality of the proposals being implemented. Read more>

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