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A special extreme weather issue

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Extreme weather is making headline news this summer. Whether it's being linked to climate change, the costs associated with it, or the rise in global greenhouse gases, Pew Center experts weigh in on the conversations. Listen to our briefing on extreme weather & climate change>

In an Associated Press article, we explain how climate change is a risk factor for extreme weather just as eating salty foods is a risk factor for heart disease. Read More>

Other news coverage includes the Philadelphia Inquirer and Southern California Public Radio.

AGU Award Winner
Pew Center senior scientist, Jay Gulledge, is the 2011 recipient of the Charles S. Falkenberg Award for his work on communicating climate change science. Read more>

Connecting the Dots to Climate Change

Understanding the link between extreme weather and climate change is part of the battle. Figuring out how to protect ourselves now and in the future when these events become more severe and common is the basis behind the new paper Extreme Weather and Climate Change: Understanding the Link, Managing the Risk. The paper draws from recent individual weather events and provides important lessons to help planners, policy makers, and individuals take action to reduce climate change impacts. Read more>

Visit our new extreme weather page to learn what these events tell us about our vulnerability to climate change.

Russian fires Extreme Weather Map
Explore our interactive map of extreme weather events from 1995-2011. Users can filter by event type to see how the global climate is changing. Learn More>

The accompanying white paper, A Climate of Extreme Weather, provides an understanding of U.S. impacts and vulnerability.

Making Climate Change Real
An enterprising three-part series in Scientific American clearly illustrates the recent record-breaking weather events and the link to climate change, the science behind it all, and what can be done to manage the growing risks. Read more about the full series>

Flooding Science FAQs
Is climate change a natural phenomenon? What harm will climate change cause, and are scientists in agreement about it? We answer these climate change questions and more in our updated science FAQ. Read more>

The Cost of Climate Change
With flooding being the single biggest economic impact from weather, extreme weather imposes massive costs on communities across the United States almost every year. As Dan Huber points out, it is a wake-up call of the costs we will incur if we fail to address climate change. Read more>

More weather, climate, & risks>

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