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Federal Leadership in Climate Adaptation

Adaptation -- frogThe Pew Center on Global Climate Change recently convened a workshop featuring a frank exchange of ideas for mainstreaming climate adaptation activities within and across the federal government. Representatives of 12 departments and agencies shared insights and discussed pragmatic steps being taken by the federal government to adapt their programs to a changing climate.

Read Heather Holsinger's perspective on the workshop. 
Federal Climate Action
100x100 ConstitutionLegislative Outlook
By nearly all indications, the climate bill is done for the year. So what's next? Eileen Claussen and Manik Roy share their views about what policy approach to pursue.

Farming for Solutions
A study on agriculture and climate change examines key reasons why farmers should actively participate in the climate change and clean energy policy debate.

100by100 Earth
Finance Strategies
Elliot Diringer testifies before a House subcommittee on the U.S. climate finance strategy at home and abroad.
State News
Leading by Example Stalled efforts in Congress are not stopping states from making the push for climate change legislation.

Collaborative Effort

The Western Climate Initiative released a strategy for addressing climate change, including plans to stimulate clean energy technologies and create green jobs.

Energy Efficiency
energy-efficiency-logoMaking It Your Business
Implementing energy efficiency strategies for companies is challenging. Examine the most common barriers and tools to help overcome them.
Make an Impact
In July, the Make an Impact program reached more than 1,200 employees through launch events for:

  • Bank of America - in Detroit, Newark, N.J., and London
  • Alcoa - in Independence, Ohio, and Hampton, Va.
  • Entergy - in Jackson, Miss.

Save energy, save money, and save the planet by visiting the Pew Center's Make an Impact website and use our custom-built carbon calculator.
Pew Perspectives

International Outlook
Elliot Diringer provides an overview of the latest UNFCCC meeting in Bonn and outlines expectations for COP 16 in Cancun.

Business Matters
Office Buildings-smallBELC News
Bayer Corporation recently joined the Pew Center's Business Environmental Leadership Council (BELC). The BELC now stands at 46 companies and is the largest U.S.-based association supporting mandatory climate policy.

Solutions Lab
The Pew Center and other supporters will hold the 9th Green Innovation in Business Network Solutions Lab in Boston on September 16. The event will address how companies are overcoming barriers in implementing energy efficiency.
Facing Facts
Jay Gulledge reacts to a recent report from NOAA that examines ten key indicators of global warming, the rapid rise in sea levels, and record-high global temperatures over the past decade.

Climate Action
Eileen Claussen responds to EPA's decision to reject challenges to its endangerment finding and reaffirm the scientific case for climate action.
More Science and Impacts
New Publications
Cap and Trade paperFederal Policy 
A new paper makes the case for cap and trade as the most effective policy option for reducing global warming and spurring clean energy innovation.

Clean Energy
Policies can encourage rapid growth in markets for clean energy technologies. A recent brief concludes that these policies would deliver economic benefits and environmental improvements in the U.S.

wind turbine
Climate TechBook
A new fact sheet on freight transportation focuses on truck and rail transport, which make up 80 percent of the sector's GHG emissions.
Browse through more Climate TechBook resources.
Our  Blog: Climate Compass 
Cost-Effective Case: Cap and trade is a proven approach that harnesses the power of the market to deliver cost-effective, environmentally-beneficial results, as Janet Peace explains.

Offset Comparison
: View a side-by-side comparison of the domestic and international offset provisions of this Congress' energy and climate legislation compiled by Jason Ye.

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