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2011 Weather Reaches New Extremes

Climate Leadership Conference

Australia Puts a Price on Carbon

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Center for Climate and Energy SolutionsVisit our facebook pageFollow us on TwitterConnect with us on LinkedIn State of the Union
Eileen Claussen welcomes President Obama's emphasis on homegrown energy solutions in his State of the Union Address. Read more.

Don't Pull the Plug
In a Washington Post letter to the editor, Judi Greenwald suggests it is too early to dismiss the electric vehicle industry because companies are still trying to figure out their market positions. Read about C2ES's Plug-In Electric Vehicle Dialogue.

Durban Outcomes
Following the UNFCCC's 17th Conference of the Parties, Elliot Diringer appeared on E&E TV to discuss the outcomes of the Durban talks and the critical challenges ahead. Watch the interview and read more about the Durban conference.

C2ES Named #1 Environmental Think Tank

The Center for Climate and Energy Solutions is pleased to have been named the world's top environmental think tank in a global survey by the University of Pennsylvania. The 2011 Global Go-To Think Tank Rankings are based on a survey of more than 1,500 policymakers, scholars, journalists, think-tank executives and others worldwide. Read more>

US Capitol Making GHG Data Transparent
EPA has created a new online tool giving the public easy access to GHG emissions data from large facilities across the country. As Eileen Claussen notes, this greater transparency creates strong incentives to reduce emissions and provides a foundation for effective climate policies. Read Michael Tubman's blog post and a factsheet on EPA's new reporting rule.

Cleaning the Air
The EPA recently announced final standards for reducing mercury and other toxic air pollutants from power plants. In addition to the health benefits, the new standards may yield significant climate benefits. Read Eileen Claussen's comments and a factsheet on the new mercury rule.

More Federal News

A Year of Extremes
In 2011, the U.S. experienced an unprecedented number of extreme weather events, with 12 disasters estimated to cost more than $1 billion each. As Dan Huber writes, the extreme weather of 2011 serves as a reminder of our vulnerabilities and shows that rising greenhouse gas emissions come at a cost. Read more about extreme weather and climate change.

More Science and Impacts News

Climate Leadership Conference
Speakers at the first annual Climate Leadership Conference, Feb. 29-March 1 in Fort Lauderdale, FL., will include White House Council on Environmental Quality Chair Nancy Sutley, EPA Assistant Administrator Gina McCarthy, and California Air Resources Board Chair Mary Nichols. Register now.

Speaking of Low-Carbon Innovation
Watch videos from our Business of Innovating conference in Atlanta and learn how leading companies are bringing low-carbon innovations to market. In our business innovation interview series, executives explain their companies' strategies and the challenges and opportunities they face.

More Business News

Report Cover Australia Prices Carbon
A C2ES brief summarizes Australia's new Clean Energy Future plan, a comprehensive set of national policies aimed at reducing GHG emissions and driving clean energy investments. Read more>

More International News

Schools Compete to Cut Carbon
This February, students across the country are competing to reduce their carbon footprints and win prizes for their school. Make an Impact: Change Our 2morrow is an educational energy conservation challenge designed to teach students how their daily actions can reduce harmful emissions and improve the environment. Learn more>

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