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SEPT. 2012

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Keeping an Eye on the Drought

Behind the Keystone Debate

Climate Awards Deadline is Oct. 12

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Latest on Carbon Policy and Markets
C2ES is the program sponsor of Carbon Forum North America 2012, Oct. 1-2 in Washington, D.C. Eileen Claussen provides insights on carbon policy and markets in the opening plenary, and other C2ES experts will discuss state climate action, carbon pricing, and international climate policy. Mark Your Calendar
Eileen Claussen delivers the keynote address Oct. 25 at the Rio Tinto Energy Exchange Breakfast in Brisbane, Australia. She will discuss what is driving energy and climate policy in key areas of the world and where we should focus next.

Eileen Claussen discusses the importance of energy efficiency to reduce carbon emissions in the face of soaring demand Oct. 22 at Singapore International Energy Week.

C2ES participates in the Society of Environmental Journalists’ annual conference, Oct. 17-21 in Lubbock, Texas.

C2ES in the News
Eileen Claussen writes in a letter to The Washington Post that early growing pains for electric cars are no reason to pull the plug.

Manik Roy tells the Daily Environment Report that although action on climate change remains an “unchecked box” in Congress, there are still steps the Obama administration could take.

The Examiner uses the C2ES 2012 Climate and Energy Voter Guide as the basis for a two-part series looking at the candidates’ positions on climate change and energy policy.

Using High-Tech to Cut Costs, Save Energy
A new C2ES report presents eight case studies of federal agencies using information and communications technologies to achieve their sustainability goals. Smart building systems, teleworking, and shifting data to the cloud are helping the agencies cut costs, save energy, and reduce carbon emissions. Steve Seidel explains how the federal government is leading by example. And the Federal Times outlines the cost savings.

US Capitol

Bill Would Boost US Oil Production Using CO2
A new bipartisan bill would boost domestic oil production while reducing carbon emissions by beginning to implement the recommendations of National Enhanced Oil Recovery Initiative, a coalition of industry, state, labor and environmental leaders convened by C2ES and the Great Plains Institute. NEORI members praised the bill by Sens. Kent Conrad (D-ND), Mike Enzi (R-WY) and Jay Rockefeller (D-WV) as an important step toward expanding the use of captured carbon dioxide for enhanced oil recovery.

Congress on Climate: Deadlocked
As lawmakers headed home to campaign, C2ES compiled a list of bills so far this Congress that focus on climate change. Manik Roy notes that 54 bills would block or hinder climate action – a new record -- while 57 would strengthen climate action in some way. Perhaps the most significant climate law enacted this session, the reauthorization of the National Flood Insurance Program, didn’t mention the words “climate change.”

Romney and Obama on Climate and Energy
President Obama and former Gov. Romney both favor more oil and gas production on federal lands and continued support for nuclear power. Beyond that, their positions on energy and climate issues differ substantially, as Manik Roy explains. See the C2ES nonpartisan Voter Guide for details.

More on Federal Policy

Behind the Debate over Keystone
The Keystone XL pipeline has become a flashpoint in the debate over energy and the environment. Supporters say it will create jobs, reduce gasoline prices and improve U.S. energy security. Opponents say it will increase greenhouse gas emissions and the risk of spills. A new C2ES analysis looks behind the Keystone controversy.

Making “Energy Security’’ the Goal
“Energy security” means ensuring that the United States balances demand with supplies that are reliable, affordable, safe and environmentally sustainable. In a National Journal blog post, Eileen Claussen explains how that’s different from the politically popular term “energy independence.”

More on Energy and Technology

Developing Industrial Benchmarks
As part of Climate Week NYC, C2ES co-led a workshop with North America 2050 and the International Carbon Action Partnership on approaches to developing industrial energy or greenhouse gas emissions benchmarks, which can inform the design of a carbon trading program, performance-based regulations or voluntary programs. Participants included several companies in C2ES’s Business Environmental Leadership Council.

More on Regions and States

Monitoring Drought Across the U.S.
Nearly two-thirds of the United States is still in a severe drought, the worst since the 1950s. Crops have suffered, many communities face water limits, and barge traffic on the Mississippi River has been restricted. C2ES’s new Drought Page offers the latest on the drought and what it tells us about the rising risks of climate change.

What Hurricane Isaac Can Teach Us
Slow-moving Hurricane Isaac dumped more than 20 inches of rain on parts of southern Louisiana. The severe impacts are consistent with what scientists expect as rising sea level exacerbates storm surge and hurricanes drop more rain. Dan Huber explains how we should use such storms to learn about our vulnerabilities.

More on Science and Impacts

Climate Leader Awards: Apply by Oct. 12
Applications will be accepted through Oct. 12 for the 2013 Climate Leadership Awards. The awards call national attention to exemplary corporate, organizational, and individual leadership in response to climate change. Check out the application criteria. Award winners will be honored in early 2013 in Washington, D.C.

More on Business

The Challenges Ahead for Electric Vehicles
C2ES authored a comprehensive review of the latest research and market data on plug-in electric vehicles in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states for the Georgetown Climate Center's Transportation and Climate Initiative. The review provides a comprehensive look at the opportunities and challenges for plug-in electric vehicles in these states.

More on Electric Vehicles

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