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Utilities Leading the Way:
Op-Ed by Eileen Claussen and Jim Rogers
Supporting an electric utilities-first approach to capping emissions, Pew Center President Eileen Claussen and Duke Energy CEO Jim Rogers, in a Politico op-ed, provide a common ground plan to pass meaningful national clean energy and climate legislation this year.

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Federal Climate Action
100x100 ConstitutionSenate Legislation 
The Pew Center is on top of key clean energy and climate proposals. New resources include:
Senate Vote Signals Need for Action
Eileen Claussen reacts to the Senate's vote against a measure intended to prevent EPA regulations of greenhouse gas emissions.
Science Event
Hurricane Season
What impact will the hurricane season have on the crisis in the Gulf? A Capitol Hill briefing on Wednesday will tackle this risk. 

More Science and Impacts
100by100 Earth
Bonn Voyage
While negotiators met in Bonn, Germany, the Pew Center issued a new side-by-side comparison of the Copenhagen Accord, the main UNFCCC negotiating texts emerging from Copenhagen, and new text to further talks.

An event in Bonn moderated by Elliot Diringer looked at review processes of the IMF, WTO, and OECD for lessons in building a post-2012 global climate framework.
wind turbine
Climate TechBook
A new fact sheet on biosequestration highlights the technology and its impact on climate change.
With transportation activity increasing significantly over the next 50 years, this overview outlines each mode of transportation and its current and projected energy consumption.
Browse through our other Climate TechBook resources here.
Business Matters
Office Buildings-smallBusiness Case
for Legislation
A new brief explains why an unprecedented number of businesses support passage of national clean energy and climate legislation. Key reasons include the need for regulatory certainty, economic opportunities, and reputational benefits of supporting a strong energy-climate policy.

Leading by Example

A recent ad features 93 organizations - including more than 75 businesses and unions representing over $2.6 trillion in revenue and 11 million American workers - calling for bipartisan energy-climate legislation.

Conference Down Under
The 6th Australia-New Zealand Climate Change & Business Conference takes place Aug. 10-12 in Sydney.

Pew Perspectives

Offshore Innovation
Judi Greenwald shares her thoughts on the crisis in the Gulf and the need for innovation in spill prevention and cleanup techniques.

imate & the Ne100x100 Newsws
Eileen Claussen tackles how climate change is covered in the media at a symposium with reporters in Pasadena earlier this month.    
Energy Efficiency
energy-efficiency-logoMaking It Your Business
A recent article highlights our report that energy efficiency should be a core part of business strategy.
Make an Impact
Make an Impact continues to grow with two Alcoa events in Connecticut and Pennsylvania reaching close to 400 employees and community members.

World Environment Day on June 4th also marked the launch of Make an Impact in the United Kingdom for associates of Bank of America.

Save energy, save money, and save the planet by visiting the Pew Center's Make an Impact website and use our custom-built carbon calculator.
State News
regional-initiatives-oct2009Clean Energy
Maine recently signed five bills aimed at advancing a clean energy future.

Maryland continues be a leader, passing more clean energy bills on sustainability. 
Three-Regions Collaboration
The three regional climate initiatives jointly released a white paper on the value of greenhouse gas offsets. 
Our  Blog: Climate Compass 
Electric Vehicles: To promote plug-in electric vehicles, federal and state transportation departments should act to correct market failures in today's petroleum-based transportation sector, argue Nick Nigro and Cynthia J. Burbank.

Business Voice: Tim Juliani explains that nearly 6,000 businesses support energy and climate legislation despite what opponents may say.
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