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Our Driving Force
A new transportation report examines cost-effective solutions to cut emissions and oil use. Offering three plausible scenarios of improving transportation efficiency, the findings are based on existing transportation literature and the authors’ own analysis. For an overview of the report, read Nick Nigro's blog post.

Need to learn more about U.S. transportation policy? Check out the two companion white papers on Federal Surface Transportation Authorization.

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The Pew Center answers frequently asked questions about EPA, including what authority does it have to control GHGs, how is it regulating existing sources, and are GHG regulations hurting industrial competitiveness. Find the complete list here.

Reaction to the SOTU
President Obama made a strong pitch to expand clean energy in his State of the Union address. As Eileen Claussen explains, America can continue to have the most competitive and innovative economy in the world through clean energy opportunities. ClimateWire and The Hill sought out the Pew Center's views on the President's goals.

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 Climate Compass Blog 

The Price of Food
Does climate change have an impact on the rising cost of food? Russell Meyer takes a look at a new report from the British government, which focuses on how climate change is shaping agricultural productivity especially among the poor.  

Extreme Weather Record
Last year tied for the warmest year on record. Jay Gulledge summarizes key findings from NOAA. 

EPA's Key to Success
How can EPA balance the cost of reducing GHG emissions against the benefits of limiting climate change? Steve Seidel looks at EPA’s timeline for regulating GHGs and the impact it faces with a new Congress. 

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Elliot Diringer sat down with Argus Media to talk about the Cancun Agreements, how other countries viewed the U.S. policy picture, and expectations of the next conference in South Africa. Diringer also took part in ACCO's Cancun De-Brief webinar.

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Pew Perspectives

Regulating GHGs
In an op-ed in Politico, Elieen Claussen asks how could the right thing to do in President Bush's EPA suddenly become the wrong thing to do in the Obama administration?

Future of Coal
In The Atlantic's recent issue, a letter to the editor by Steve Caldwell discusses opportunities for widespread deployment of clean-coal technology in the U.S. and China.

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Science & Impacts

National Security
Similar risk management techniques used for tackling national security could be used to tackle climate change. A recent E3G report co-authored by Jay Gulledge recommends specific steps ranging from goal setting by countries to international cooperation. Read Jay's blog post about the need to take a page from the military when managing climate risks.   

Cold Spell 
Jay Gulledge appears on ABC World News to discuss the reasons this winter has been so cold. The segment starts at 15:02.

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Markets & Business

Innovative Solutions
The Pew Center has launched a study on low carbon business  innovation that explores ways to address climate change while maintaining economic growth. Learn more about the project.

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Make an Impact 

Impacting Businesses
Make an Impact, an employee-focused energy efficiency program, has been making strides since 2009. It was recently highlighted in an article, outlining program features and its impact on businesses.  

Check out Make an Impact on Facebook and Twitter for up-to-date energy efficiency and program news.
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