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Workshop Offers a Path Forward

Schools Carbon Challenge

New Global Climate Paradigm?

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pew climateVisit our facebook pageFollow us on TwitterConnect with us on LinkedIn EPA Authority
In a recent Wall Street Journal Letter to the Editor, Eileen Claussen set the record straight on EPA's authority to regulate GHG emissions. EPA's actions are of an agency complying with a Supreme Court decision in carrying out a democratically enacted law, not the work of an "unaccountable bureaucracy." Read more.

Where to from Here?
Eileen Claussen delivered the opening keynote at the State-Federal workshop by offering a realistic outlook on the challenges we face in addressing climate changeā€”building a clean-energy economy, EPA's ability to regulate GHGs, and communicating the need to act, are just a few. Read more.

Climate Change Communicator of the Year

Jay Gulledge, our Senior Scientist, is a nominee for the Climate Change Communicator of the Year award. Given by George Mason University's Center for Climate Change Communication each year, the award honors one person and one organization for their exemplary service on communicating climate change efforts. Check out the complete list of nominees, and vote today before the poll closes on April 15. Read more>

More Science & Impacts News

The Business of Innovating
During the past nine months, leading corporations came together in a series of workshops led by the Pew Center to explore and share ideas on low-carbon business innovation. The most recent workshop focused on the defense industry's contribution to developing and commercializing low-carbon technologies, and the challenges and opportunities for pursuing low-carbon innovation in the transportation sector. Read more>

Greening Your Business Conference
Learn more about sustainable and eco-friendly products and services for your business at the 2011 Greening Your Business Conference on April 14. Hosted by The Minneapolis Regional Chamber of Commerce, the Pew Center will give a keynote presentation about corporate energy efficiency best practices. Read more>

More Markets & Business News

State-Federal Workshop
State and Federal governments can work together on climate and energy policy. In February, the Pew Center and the Georgetown Climate Center hosted a workshop addressing regulatory and legislative action, climate initiatives, and adaptation efforts at the state and federal level. Read more>

California's Cap
The Pew Center summarizes California's Cap and Trade Program as approved by California Air Resources Board. The program, however, is on hold due to a court decision that may require a review of alternatives to cap and trade. Read more>

More States and Regions News

US Capitol The Climate in Congress
With the newest Congress in session, the focus of climate-related legislation has shifted toward preventing EPA from regulating GHG emissions. The Pew Center briefly summarizes the major bills related to GHG emissions in the 112th Congress. Read more>

More Federal News

Make an Impact

Expanding Make an Impact's Audience
Between March 14 and April 11, Make an Impact in partnership with Alcoa is challenging more than 8,000 students in 15 schools around the country to Change Our 2morrow (CO2). The month-long energy conservation challenge engages students, parents, and the community to learn how to use energy more efficiently while vying for a chance to win $5,000 or $1,000 grants for their school from the Alcoa Foundation. Find out what school has taken the lead! Read more>

More Make an Impact News

New Technology Factsheets
Our Climate TechBook is an online resource of information on ways to reduce GHGs from the five key economic sectors in the United States. Check out our new techbook factsheets on Transportation Modes, Cogeneration/Combined Heat and Power (CHP), and Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles. Read more>

More Technology News

China's Plan
Learn about the energy and climate goals in China's most recent five-year plan. Read more>

International Work in Progress

The Cancun agreements established a framework for climate action, but what lies ahead? Elliot Diringer recently addressed the Mexican government on ways to keep the momentum, encourage participation, and set the conditions for continued success at the Durban, South Africa, conference later this year. Read more>

International Offsets
A recent paper on the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) takes a look at the international offset program, which outlines the CDM criteria, reviews lessons learned, and tackles the ongoing challenges in lowering the cost of emission reductions in the U.S. and globally. Read more>

More International News

Energy Source Risks
With the devastation in Japan and the ongoing troubles at its nuclear power plant, Judi Greenwald points out that our need for different energy sources doesn't come without risks. The only thing that doesn't carry risks is energy efficiency. Read more>

Climate-resilient Communities
You don't have to look far to see the economic costs of extreme weather. As Steve Seidel explains, the effects are happening in your backyard, but the good news is many states and localities are planning more for climate-resilient communities. Read more>

Cars of the Future
If we can move away from oil and reduce GHG emissions, what will the cars of the future look like? Nick Nigro discusses a recent Pew Center report and the options available for automakers. Read more>

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