Transportation Sector

This map contains state laws and regulations that affect medium- and heavy-duty vehicles. The policies include the following:

  • Financial Incentives: tax credits for vehicle retrofit, new vehicle purchase, and refueling infrastructure; grants for fleet modernization, truck stop electrification, and retrofits.
  • Idle Reduction: fines for excessive idling and weight exemptions for vehicles containing idle reduction technology.
  • State Fleet Procurement: mandates to acquire alternative fuel vehicles and retrofit existing vehicles to be more fuel-efficient.
  • R&D: research and development funding

Note that the policies highlighted here target medium-duty and/or heavy-duty vehicles specifically. Thus, some policies by states apply to all vehicles including medium- and heavy-duty vehicles but are not included here. We describe policies for biofuels and low carbon fuel standards in other state maps. Source: U.S. Department of Energy Alternative Fuels and Advanced Vehicles Data Center. The website contains a database for federal and state incentives and laws. Here is a link to the search query for these results.