Launch of New Multi-State Climate and Clean Energy Partnership

North America 2050: A Partnership for Progress (NA2050) formally launched on March 14, 2012. NA2050 is a group of U.S. states and Canadian provinces committed to policies that move their jurisdictions toward a low-carbon economy while creating jobs, enhancing energy independence and security, protecting public health and the environment, and demonstrating climate leadership.

NA2050 is the successor to the 3-Regions Initiative, which was a collaboration among members of the three North American regional cap-and-trade programs: The Midwestern Greenhouse Gas Reduction Accord, the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative and the Western Climate Initiative. NA2050 is a broader effort, addressing clean energy in addition to climate change.

Work in NA2050 primarily takes place within seven working groups:

  • Benefits: Evaluating and communicating the benefits of moving to a low-carbon economy
  • Power Sector 2050: Influencing and preparing for U.S. Clean Air Act requirements for the electricity sector
  • Industry 2050: Encouraging industrial energy efficiency through benchmarks
  • Sequestration: Encouraging sequestration and reuse of CO2
  • Sustainable Biomass: Examining best use and priority pathways for biomass
  • Offsets: Developing high quality offsets
  • Linking: Exploring linking of existing cap-and-trade programs


North America 2050 Website

North America 2050 Launch Notice