Three Regional Climate Initiatives Jointly Release Offset Quality White Paper

On May 19th, 2010 the three regional climate initiatives in North America – the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI), the Midwestern GHG Reduction Accord, and the Western Climate Initiative (WCI)  – jointly released a white paper entitled “Ensuring Offset Quality: Design and Implementation Criteria for a High-Quality Offset Program.”  This paper recognizes the potential value of offsets and demonstrates a commitment to ensuring offset integrity. 

Each regional program includes an offset component as a means to reduce compliance costs and increase compliance flexibility for covered sources.  The regional initiatives are committed to ensuring that emissions reductions achieved through offset projects are real, additional, verifiable, permanent, and enforceable, and also based on uniform standards. 

This white paper is a part of a broader effort of collaboration among the three regional programs, and is the first written product of the Three-Regions collaborative process. 

Three Regions Offsets White Paper