California Air Resources Board Approves Proposal for Implementing State Global Warming Law

On December 11, 2008, the California Air Resources Board (ARB) approved the Scoping Plan for implementing A.B. 32, the Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006. The plan outlines a combination of existing, strengthened, and new policies and programs to cut California’s greenhouse gas emissions to 1990 levels by 2020. These measures include expanded energy efficiency programs and higher efficiency standards, a revised Renewable Portfolio Standard that requires 33 percent of electricity to be generated from renewable sources by 2020, and several measures to decrease emissions from transportation. Among the transportation-related measures are the implementation of existing and updated light-duty vehicle greenhouse gas standards, the development of local greenhouse gas targets to be achieved through land use and transportation planning, and the creation of a low-carbon fuel standard. The plan also recommends a statewide cap-and-trade program covering 85 percent of greenhouse gas emissions that would link with the Western Climate Initiative.

Rules and policies to implement the Scoping Plan will be developed and implemented by 2012. The plan will be updated by the ARB once every five years.  

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