Florida Energy Act to Promote Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency

On June 15, 2006, Florida Governor Jeb Bush signed into law the Florida Renewable Energy Technologies and Energy Efficiency Act to reduce Florida’s dependence on foreign oil, spur economic growth, and increase investments in renewable energy sources and energy efficiency. The Act creates the Florida Energy Commission to advise the Legislature on state energy policy based on the principles of energy reliability, affordability, efficiency, and diversity. The first report by the Commission, due before December 2007, will include recommended steps and a schedule for the development of a state climate action plan through a public-involvement process to reduce GHG emissions. Additionally, the Act provides rebates for photovoltaic and solar thermal technology installations on commercial and energy buildings and a sales tax exemption for the purchase of energy efficient products. This legislation also provides grants for research and demonstration projects associated with the development of renewable energy technologies and alternative fuels.

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