Alaska Legislature Unanimously Passes Climate Legislation

On May 9, 2006 the Alaska Legislature passed HCR 30. With unanimous votes in both the House and in the Senate, the bill creates an Alaska Climate Impact Assessment Commission. The Commission is charged with assessing the impacts and costs of climate change to Alaska, as well as developing recommendations for preventative measures that can be implemented by Alaskan communities and governments. The Commission will consist of eleven members, including four public officials and seven appointed members who are knowledgeable about the impacts of climate change on Alaska. The Commission, required to meet eight times, will present preliminary findings to the legislature on March 1, 2007, followed by its final report on January 10, 2008. Because of its nature as strictly a legislative action, funded with legislative monies, the bill does not need the Governor’s approval.

Legislation on HCR 30
Map of States with Climate Change Commissions and Advisory Groups