New Mexico Announces Emissions Reduction Targets

New Mexico joined a growing number of states with targets for greenhouse gas emissions reductions when Governor Bill Richardson signed an Executive Order on June 9, 2005. The Governor set New Mexico’s targets at achieving 2000 emissions levels by 2012, 10% below 2000 levels by 2020, and a 75% reduction below 2000 emission levels by 2050. These goals supplement New Mexico’s suite of climate-friendly policies that includes a renewable portfolio standard, a renewable energy tax credit, and a goal to increase energy efficiency. New Mexico is the first major coal, oil and gas producing state to set targets for cutting global warming emissions. Governor Richardson’s Executive Order creates the New Mexico Climate Change Advisory Group, a 40- member stakeholder committee charged with finding ways for the state to meet these new targets. The executive order also tasks the state agencies with developing a report on climate impacts, a report on impacts to water resources, an emissions inventory and forecast, recommendations for state government emissions reductions, and annual progress reports.

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