West Coast Governors Support Stronger Climate Strategy

On November 18, 2004, the governors of the three Pacific states that comprise the West Coast Governors’ Global Warming Initiative approved staff recommendations on climate change. These recommendations included setting emissions targets for state vehicle fleets, creating targets and incentives for renewable energy, and developing efficiency standards for appliances not regulated by the federal government. The staff recommendations also included numerous other actions addressing transportation, renewables, efficiency, alternative fuels, and greenhouse gas emissions inventories. The governors directed their staffs to continue working on opportunities for regional collaboration. The West Coast Governors will hold a conference in 2005 detailing the results of climate change research applicable to the West Coast states. The West Coast Governors’ Global Warming Initiative was launched in September 2003, with a commitment from Governors Kulongoski, Locke, and Schwarzenegger to act collaboratively and individually to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

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