IPCC Fourth Assessment Report, Working Group III

IPCC AR4 WGIII: "Mitigation of Climate Change"

The third installment to the IPCC Fourth Assessment Report was released May 4, 2007. The WGIII report analyzes mitigation options for the main economic sectors in the near-term. It also provides information on long-term mitigation strategies, paying special attention to implications of different short-term strategies for achieving long-term goals. This installment also addresses the relationship between mitigation and sustainable development.

The report from Working Group III on mitigation of climate change answers the following questions:

  • What have been the greenhouse gas emission trends in the last three decades?
  • What can we expect for energy and emission trends in the next thirty years?
  • What are the options for GHG mitigation in the short and medium term, across different economic sectors (until 2030) and in the long-term (beyond 2030)?
  • How do the time scales of climate system responses relate to the time scales for mitigation and adaptation?
  • What are the opportunities for integrating sustainable development and climate change mitigation activities?

For the full report, visit the IPCC website. For a summary of the report, click here (pdf).

Statement by Eileen Claussen, President, Pew Center on Global Climate Change

May 4, 2007

The most recent IPCC working group report provides the latest stark evidence that emissions around the world continue to grow at an alarming rate. We must begin now to put in place the policies and technologies that will provide alternative ways to power our economies and satisfy the world's thirst for energy. We can solve this problem, but only if we start now.

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