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PEV Action Tool

This list contains useful links and resources. Within each category, the most relevant resources are listed at the top. Resources include reports, web portals, quantitative data, and significant news articles.

Web Portals/General Resources

C2ES: Plug-in Electric Vehicle Deployment Initiative: C2ES’s PEV initiative brings automakers, electric utilities, policymakers, environmental groups, and others together to develop consensus approaches to accelerate PEV deployment.

DOE Alternative Fuels Data Center: resource for PEV-related initiatives nationwide. Contains database of current and future PEV models, frequently updated map of electric vehicle charging stations, state and local laws and incentives, total cost of ownership calculator, publications, and more.

DOE Clean Cities Coalitions: U.S. DOE-sponsored local coalitions for advancing alternative fuel use. Website is designed as a resource for Clean Cities Coalitions. Contains financial opportunities, publications and technical assistance, and literature from past conferences and workshops.

FHWA INVEST 1.0: The Infrastructure Voluntary Evaluation Sustainability Tool was developed by FHWA as a practical, web-based, collection of voluntary best practices designed to help transportation agencies at all levels integrate sustainability into their programs and projects.

Oregon DOT: Electric Vehicles and Infrastructure Program: details about Oregon’s leading charging infrastructure deployment program

Sustainable Transportation Strategies: various studies about charging station siting and design, as well as case studies about electric vehicle readiness. Focuses on charging in Oregon.

West Coast Green Highway: details about corridor charging initiative by state DOTs along west coast highways

Advanced Energy: Transportation Initiatives: nonprofit focusing on energy efficiency. Transportation section includes handbooks for residential and commercial charging station installation as well as a community planning guide for PEVs.

Electric Drive Transportation Association: industry association dedicated to the promotion of electric drive. Runs, a leading consumer engagement website.

California Center for Sustainable Energy: contains resources on fleet education and consulting, private vehicle rebate programs, and vehicle technology demonstrations including the Second Life Battery Project.

Plug-in America: electric vehicle advocacy group. Contains database on charging station models/types, vehicle makes and models, webinars on various topics, and a YouTube channel offering resources for PEV deployment,

Bay Area Climate Collaborative: California electric vehicle collaborative including reports on readiness checklists, smart grid integration, and regional EV planning in the San Francisco Bay Area.

U.C. Davis Plug-in Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Research: hub of collaboration and research on plug-in hybrid and electric vehicles for the State of California. Leader in research on consumer and driver behavior, grid impacts, battery reuse, PHEV pick-up trucks, and more.

Market Research and Action-oriented Reports

C2ES: An Action Plan to Integrate Plug-in Electric Vehicles with the U.S. Electrical Grid: C2ES convened the PEV Dialogue Group in early 2011 to create an Action Plan that identifies many of the steps that would be necessary to integrate PEVs with the electrical grid nationwide.

C2ES and Georgetown Climate Center: PEV Deployment in the Northeast: comprehensive literature review of PEV deployment in the Northeast with nationwide applicability.

Carnegie Endowment for International Peace: Policy Priorities for Advancing the U.S. Electric Vehicle Market: policy recommendations for electric vehicles from leading transportation experts

Congressional Budget Office: Effects of federal tax credits for the purchase of electric vehicles: concludes that federal electric vehicle tax credits are an expensive means of reducing carbon emissions but acknowledges

Congressional Budget Office: Effects of Federal Tax Credits for the Purchase of Electric Vehicles

Economic Competitiveness Research

Brookings Metro Center: Sizing the Clean Economy: 2010 study giving rough estimates of the number of clean tech jobs in the nation, including battery manufacturing and electric cars

Blue-Green Alliance: Driving Growth: contains estimates of the economic benefits of new corporate average fuel economy standards

Vehicle Market Forecasts

Center for Automotive Research: Deployment Rollout Estimate of Electric Vehicles, 2011-2015: includes electric vehicle estimates by state. Methodology based on hybrid penetrations.

  • Table 5: Retail registration per 10,000 residents for top 20 states, 2007-2009
  • Table 6: U.S. Retail hybrid registrations by State: 2007-2009 (Percent of Total Hybrid Fleet)
  • Table 3: U.S. Retail Hybrid Registrations: 2007-2009 (Percent of Total Hybrid Fleet)

McKinsey Quarterly: Battery technology charges ahead: reviews developments in battery technology. Contains graphic that shows conditions required for BEVs and PHEVs to gain widespread adoption.

Incentives and Innovative Programs

University of Delaware: Vehicle-to-Grid Charging Research: details on V2G demonstration project and research from leaders in the space

Greening of Greenville: EV Ecosystem: innovative program supporting a charging network simultaneously with the introduction of vehicles into the marketplace for users to drive, on both a short-term basis, and mid-term rentals, to see if an EV can meet the needs of their business or lifestyle.

California Air Resources Board: Air Quality Improvement Program: California program to fund clean vehicle and equipment projects with multi-million dollar annual budget

Pecan Street: Mueller Street: research program testing “integrated clean energy smart grid of tomorrow” within a residential neighborhood. Neighborhood currently has the highest density of PHEVs in the country.

PEV and Charging Station Deployment

City of Atlanta: Electric Vehicle Deployment Municipal Best Practices Study: best practices on electric vehicle deployment from several different cities

City of New York: PLANYC Exploring Electric Vehicle Adoption in New York City: exploration of electric vehicle deployment strategies in New York City

Washington DOT, Department of Commerce, Puget Sound Regional Council: Electric Vehicle Infrastructure A Guide for Local Governments in Washington State: guidance for electric vehicle infrastructure, as mandated by House Bill 1481

Plug-in America: Hawaii EV Ready Guidebook for Commercial Electric Vehicle Charging Station Installations: guide for installing commercial charging stations; contains descriptions of innovative new financing models

FHWA: Interim Approval for Optional Use of an Alternative Electric Vehicle Charging General Service Symbol Sign (IA-13): charging station sign jointly developed by state DOTs

UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs: Addressing Challenges to Electric Vehicle Charging in Multifamily Residential Buildings: study focuses on charging in multi-family dwellings

ECOtality: The EV Project and Coulomb: ChargePoint: largest private charging networks. Funded by the 2009 American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.

Energy, Emissions, and Transportation Statistics Market Dashboard: national PEV sales by year

U.S. DOE Transportation Energy Data Book: comprehensive data booklet on energy use in transportation, in aggregate and broken down by vehicle segment.

U.S. Energy Information Administration: Annual Energy Outlook 2012 Table Browser

  • Light-Duty Vehicle Sales by Technology Type and Region
  • Petroleum Consumption in Transportation by Region
  • Real and Nominal Energy Prices and Expenditures for Electricity and Motor Gasoline by Region
  • Transportation Carbon Dioxide Emissions from Electricity and Petroleum by Region
  • Generation by Fuel Type and Emissions per kWh of electricity generation by Reliability Council Region

U.S. Energy Information Administration

U.S. DOT: Bureau of Transportation Statistics

Federal Highway Administration: Highway Statistics Series

U.S. EPA: Counties designated “nonattainment”: map of nonattainment areas in the nation

C2ES: Greenhouse gas emissions targets: map of states with GHG emissions targets

EPRI-NRDC: Environmental Assessment of Plug-in Electric Vehicles

  • Table 2-8 48-state Upstream Emissions and Percent Reductions from Base Case to PHEV Case in 2030
  • Table 3-13 to 3-16: Electric-sector criteria pollutant emissions by NEMS EMM Region
  • Table 4-1 to 4-6: Annual criteria pollutant emissions by state and source category (Base case and PHEV 2030 case)
  • Table 3-2 Selected Results from Electric Sector Carbon Emissions Scenarios
  • Table 5-3 GHG Emissions Reductions of PHEVs Compared to HEVs for MY2050
  • Table 5-4 Annual CO2 Reduction from PHEVs in the Year 2050
  • Table 5-5 Cumulative 2010-2050 GHG Reductions from PHEVs

UCS: State of Charge: Electric Vehicles’ Global Warming Emissions and Fuel-Cost Savings Across the United States: study showing the benefits of electric vehicles across different fuel sources

Environment America: Charging Forward: The Emergence of Electric Vehicles and Their Role in Reducing Oil Consumption

  • Table 1: Annual Oil Savings if 469,000 Electric Vehicles Are Sold by 2015 (by State)
  • Table 2: Metric Tons of Global Warming Pollution Prevented Annually by Electric Vehicles Sold 2012-2015 in Two Generation Scenarios

American Petroleum Institute: Gasoline Tax Map

Public Fleet Deployment

IRS: Qualified plug-in electric and electric vehicle credit: IRS tax form. Explains how tax-exempt entities can receive the benefit of the tax credit through an auto dealership. Green fleet magazine gives a case study.

Energy Managers' Quarterly: Plug-In Electric Vehicles for Fleets

U.S. DOE: Plug-in Electric Vehicle Handbook for Fleet Managers

U.S. DOE: Electric vehicle maintenance: details how to maintain electric vehicles

PEV Deployment Groups

PEV Dialogue Group

California PEV Collaborative

Plug-in Ready Michigan

North Carolina PEV Taskforce

Maryland Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Council

Illinois Electric Vehicle Advisory Council

Connecticut’s Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Council

RMI’s Project Get Ready (local)


Plug-in Texas

Indiana’s Project Plug-in