Supply Chain

Many companies have found that the largest contribution to their energy footprint comes from their suppliers. Many companies are partnering with their suppliers, providing technical assistance, educational materials, and other resources to help reduce energy use.

The resources below include presentations, reports and news on improving energy efficiency in the supply chain, as well as links to other organizations and web sites working on this issue.

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Simple supply chain strategies can help companies reduce emissions and costs from their shipping activities.
SHENZHEN, CHINA -- Benny Fung, the head of Hong Kong-based soap and cosmetics maker Lutex, seems to have an eye for detail. The meeting room at his factory here in southern China is lined with neatly packed gift baskets. His jacket has a thin purple velvet accent around the lapel to match his purple tie.
The world's largest retailer has set a new goal for shrinking its environmental footprint and is turning to suppliers to help achieve a 20-million-tonne cut in greenhouse gas emissions from the lifecycle and supply chain of Walmart products by 2015.
Most energy efficiency efforts, Google’s Energy Czar William Weihl said during Climate One at The Commonwealth Club, is a no brainer.
Ford, Lowe’s, J.C. Penney and KB Home are among the winners of the 2011 Energy Star Awards, announced by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) today.

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