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Many companies have made great strides in increasing energy efficiency in their internal operations through improved manufacturing processes, increased use of combined heat and power, and better data tracking and management. These efficiency improvements can often result in significant cost and greenhouse gas savings.

The resources below include presentations, reports and news on energy efficiency improvements that apply to internal operations, as well as links to other organizations and web sites working on this issue.

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Companies are targeting, on average, a 25 percent reduction in their energy consumption or cost, according to a survey by Deloitte.
Dow Chemical has successfully demonstrated the use of recycled plastic to generate energy for industrial operations, the company has announced.
GE Aviation has reviewed the results of 16 energy reduction strategies at two Rutland, Vermont, facilities with members of the state’s Efficiency Vermont team. The team has completed 16 projects that have reduced annual electrical usage by more than 15 million kWh, and reduced CO2 emission by close to 8,000 tons
Bank of America aims to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 15 percent by 2015, against a 2010 baseline, the company announced today.
A Golden Corral restaurant operator expects to save as much as $252,000 a year, with an eight-month ROI, after the installation of Efficient Energy America control systems for heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC).
State-level incentives programs in California and Wisconsin have played a role in energy efficiency projects at two corporations.
Ford, Lowe’s, J.C. Penney and KB Home are among the winners of the 2011 Energy Star Awards, announced by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) today.
Coming off a freshly built energy-efficient data center in Oregon, Facebook is sharing the center's technology and its customized servers with other Internet companies.
A Cadbury chewing gum factory in Thailand reduced its energy use by 60 percent and operating expenses by 50 percent with a new dehumidifying system, the company reports.
This report t reviews the importance of energy effi ciency within business today and executive attitudes towards this issue.
Interesting promo video about the Westfield Culver City shopping mall which recently completed infrastructure upgrades anticipated to save $207,000 in annual energy costs and to garner more than $192,000 in rebate incentives from Southern California Edison.
GE’s energy division announced today that it will buy a roughly 90 percent, $3.2 billion stake in French electrification and automation company Converteam, expanding the industrial giant’s involvement in the electrical efficiency market.
Most energy efficiency efforts, Google’s Energy Czar William Weihl said during Climate One at The Commonwealth Club, is a no brainer.
Climate regulations would burden the U.S. steel industry because today's steel making has already maxed out energy efficiency, the industry said yesterday.
Bridgestone is implementing strict energy-saving measures as it resumes production at four of its five plants affected by the Japanese earthquake.

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