Many corporate energy strategies cut across different aspects of a company’s operations, and are not easily placed in any single category. These cross-cutting issues are addressed in the resources below, which include presentations, reports and news on cross-cutting energy efficiency strategies, as well as links to other organizations and web sites working on this issue.

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Implementing energy saving measures in computers such as night shut-off has achieved both energy and financial savings.
This new study finds that energy efficiency can be used to achieve a 23 percent reduction in US energy consumption by 2020.
This report was developed from a scientific perspective, and looks at potential for increasing energy efficiency in the transportation and building sectors.
This report looks at different energy efficiency strategies that can be employed by Information and Communications Technology companies.
This report makes the case for collaborating on solutions for climate change, energy and water, making the case that the problems are naturally linked, and that solutions should also be connected.
This report examines the implications of market failures related to end-use of energy, specifically concerning energy efficiency investments.
This report includes calculations on the relationship between state GDP and electricity consumption, with the goal of identifying opportunities for increased energy efficiency and performance gaps.
This report offers best-practice advice on corporate energy efficiency, including on developing comprehensive metrics and reporting systems, and on making long-term investment decisions that incorporate climate change.
This report analyzes the impact of current investment in energy efficiency technology, and looks at the potential for increased investment and opportunities for increased energy efficiency technology deployment.
McKinsey finds that an aggressive investment of $520 billion in energy efficiency could also reduce energy costs by $1.2 trillion through 2020.
View presentations from companies including Dow Chemical, IBM, UTC, PepsiCo, Toyota and Wal-Mart that participated in the Pew Center’s July 14 workshop on best practices in corporate energy efficiency strategies.
View interviews with presenters from Dow Chemical, IBM, UTC, PepsiCo and Toyota. Also download presentations from the Pew Center’s July 14 workshop on best practices in corporate energy efficiency strategies.

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