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Recapping a year of weather extremes

President Obama’s forceful call for climate action in his inaugural address came after a year when climate change was barely whispered in the presidential campaign but its effects were loud and clear here in the United States and around the world.

How should Washington address climate change?

I recently replied to a question on the National Journal blog: “How should Washington address climate change?"

You can ready other responses at the National Journal.

Here is my response: President Obama’s inaugural address placed climate change and clean energy where they truly belong – among the most profound challenges of our time.  Our progress in addressing them over the next four years depends on how vigorously the president works to translate words into action, and whether there’s any willingness in Congress to join him in the effort.

Reducing the Super Bowl's Carbon Footprint

An enormous amount of energy is used for big events like the Super Bowl, as tens of thousands of people travel to attend the event, and hotels, stadiums and other facilities ramp up their energy use to accommodate the crowds. This year’s Super Bowl, however, promises to tread more lightly, thanks to a partnership between C2ES, Entergy and the Super Bowl XLVII Host Committee.

Disney's Universe of Energy could be so much better

I went to Disney World over the holidays. Among other things, I got to revisit the Universe of Energy at Epcot Center. There’s a lot to like about this attraction, but I’d like to challenge Disney to do better.

Super Bowl XLVII: Playing Offense on Clean Energy

An estimated 111 million people across the United States watched at least part of last year's Super Bowl between the New York Giants and the New England Patriots. It was the most-watched event in U.S. TV history.

For those of us seeking to engage the public in the work of building a clean-energy future, sporting events offer a unique opportunity to reach the public. This year, for example, C2ES has teamed up with Entergy Corporation and the New Orleans Super Bowl XLVII Host Committee to launch a fun, environment-themed website and contest for NFL fans.