DTE Energy Summary


CEO: Gerard M. Anderson;  Revenues: $8.54 Billion (2010);  Employees: 10,244 (2010)

Company Description

DTE Energy is an integrated energy company providing gas and electric utilities services in Michigan. The company’s business segments include Detroit Edison which is involved in generation, purchase, distribution and sale of electricity to approximately 2.1 customers in southeastern Michigan and MichCon which is involved in the purchase, storage, transmission, gathering, distribution and sale of natural gas to approximately 1.2 million customers in Michigan. Through its other segments the company is involved in gas pipelines and storage; unconventional gas exploration, development and production; power and industrial projects and coal transportation and marketing; and energy marketing and trading operations. The company also develops and invests in emerging energy technologies such as distributed generation.  DTE Energy is headquartered in Detroit, Michigan.

Climate and Energy Targets

Detroit Edison aims to reduce CO2 emissions intensity (tons/megawatthour) of its electricity generation three to five percent from a 2000-2002 baseline level by 2012. DTE aimed to reduced net power plant CO2 emissions six percent below a 1998-2001 average baseline level by 2010. DTE had reduced its greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by five percent from 1999 levels by 2005 and power plant CO2 emissions four percent below a 1998-2001 average baseline level by 2006.

Statements on Climate Change

  • “We agree that steps should be taken right now to address climate change and reduce, offset or avoid emissions and we will continue to take reasonable voluntary action to further reduce the environmental impact of our operations.”
  • “Detroit Edison’s near-term climate change action strategy is aimed at slowing the growth of GHG emissions and supporting research efforts in the areas of carbon capture and storage, and advanced energy technologies… Detroit Edison believes forest carbon sequestration is an action that can be taken now to obtain real CO2 reductions from the atmosphere and provide a bridge over the technology gap. Long term, the company will adopt new energy technologies and assemble an electric generation fleet to support the stabilization of CO2 concentrations in the atmosphere at acceptable levels.”
  • “DTE Energy believes that any successful climate change policy needs to balance environmental and economic concerns. It requires paced implementation. And it must be achievable at a reasonable cost. A thoughtful, measured approach will help minimize the unintended consequences of moving forward too quickly and too broadly.” -From DTE's report, Progressive Action, Practical Steps, September 2005

Climate and Sustainability Rankings & Recognition

DTE Energy has participated in the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) annual information request since 2006, and began responding to CDP's Water information request in 2012. DTE Energy's carbon disclosure score of 68 ranked 15th in the Utility Sector in 2012. In addition, DTE Energy was ranked 9th in the utility sector by the Newsweek/Daily Beast 2012 Green Rankings of the top 500 publicly traded companies. The Roberts Environmental Center conducted an evaluation of corporate environmental and sustainability reporting in 2011 and ranked DTE Energy 16th in the Energy and Utilities Sector, with an overall grade of B-.

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